Saturday, February 24, 2007

what a day!!

So I went to my fabulous bible study on Thursday...seriously, I love those ladies. We started a new round of it and 4 new people came. It was really great. Everyone has such a different perspective on things, to hear someone else's thoughts just triggers my inner thinker!!
Of course, it's Sherrie's birthday so we have lots of yummies to share...and Melissa's pumpkin swirl cheesecake is fabulous...two pieces please!!
We stayed talking till 3:00. The first time I looked at the clock, it was 1:00. It's nice to be able to do gut level sharing about what's going on and know it will stay in those 4 walls...but it was hard to hear what's happening in some other people's hearts. Gotta keep it in prayer and not in the gossip mill...
I realized that I hadn't done my homework for my Saturday morning marriage class, so that set off a little panic. But doing it at the hour of the day wasn't going to work!!
Woke up sick...lack of sleep does that to me; eating delicious high fat food does that to me; hanging out with Sherrie last weekend might have meant it was the flu. Either way...I didn't feel good till 7:00 Friday night. At which point ,Paul and I go to the mall to do some walking.
We ran into Miguel, Maria and Juan from St John's. that was such a blessing. I miss those guys so much and they are all such great people. I thought I was over the whole "I love youth ministry" thing, but its just been dormant. I literally walked away with the biggest smile and was just HAPPY!!
St Johns had such an amazing lifelong affect on who I am and who I know God to be...I don't think, before these last two years, I've ever grown as much as I had there. I still miss some of hte people there, and to quote Ed Shea, "It takes a minute to have a crush on someone, an hour to like someone, and a day to love someone - but it takes a lifetime to forget someone." I will never forget my time at St John's, or the people there, the lessons learned, and how blessed I was then...I loved every minute of working with the youth group. ANd I have never, to this day, been as challenged as I was then.
Meliss takes the GMAT today...and I don't care what she says, Grey's was not totally stupid. I love the layers that were revealed about the different characters. I loved how Cristina finally stepped into being a friend; I love how much you can SEE the love the Derek feels for Meredith. TV show or not, there are an awful lot of life lessons there: We impact each other's lives profoundly. When we are hanging on by a thread, it's the people in our lives that weave the broken pieces back together (hopefully with God's blue print and not their own). Our wounded hearts and how we act that wound out does show up elsewhere. Like, look at how hard it is for Cristina to be a stand with them through the tough times...because she's still a little bit of that 9 year old girl who watched her father die. And love is an amazing thing...we should never miss an opportunity to tell those we love/respect/care about that they are anything BUT ordinary... Great writing...chew on THAT awhile!!
My five for today:
marriage makes me think
Sherrie and Scott...their birthdays this week gave me opportunity to think about their blessing in my life
Cassie's email...maybe we can hook up this week
Melissa and our gigglefest...we sure can make each other laugh!!
seeing the McYouth kids at the mall...

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Melissa said...

I appreciate the mega mentions in your blog..however you left out the crutial parts of our "laugh-a-thon". I'm sure all of your friends would love to know!! LOL