Tuesday, February 20, 2007

a day off school means a day

behind the wheel!! I know I'm in the waning days of driving Joseph places, or if he had his way, letting him drive and me ride shotgun (not that brave yet!!). And I do love having him "trapped" because he talks and talks and talks. Seriously, yesterday I was in the car from 12:45-4:00. And I'll do it again Friday I think. He's a great kid...and I'll miss it when I don't drive him places. He's been going through such a tough time, with Cassie setting her wedding date and what's going on in church....I think I need to remind him:

Light Will Always Outshine the dark....
I remember back when the dinosaurs roamed and I was directing Vacation Bible School and we used to sing this song: "this little light of mine" and then again when I was doing youth ministry and we'd sit in a perfectly dark, pitch black room on a night where there was no moon (yes,I can plan things well!!) and light a single votive candle. And the room had light...and our eyes adjusted and we could see... even how all of that black darkness surrounding the candle could NEVER, EVER put that light out….

So why is it that I forget that lesson when I"m drowning in circumstances or my kids are struggling? WHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYWHYW???If I trust God for me...why do I question him for others???

“No amount of darkness can put out even the tiniest light.”
But, no matter what….no matter HOW BIG THE DARKNESS….the tiniest light can overcome it….THE TINIEST…and sometimes, all we have is a tiny little light.
But, the darkness sometimes makes us feel like it’s too big and powerful for our tiny little light to ever make a difference. DON’T EVER LET the darkness fool you….because, what I know for sure is that WE ALL have a light…sometimes it’s bright and sometimes it’s dim…and brightening it is only a prayer away, always…but, no matter what, we’ve always got some, and it’s always more powerful than the darkness.

I know your darkness is different than mine…and your friend’s is different than yours….but, what we all have in common is that we can all overcome it with our light.
“To be a star, you must shine your own light, follow your own path, and don't worry about the darkness, for that is when the stars shine brightest”

And sometimes, just sometimes, we are blessed to be able to lean over to someone's dim candle and join flames so that both our candles are brighter for the intimacy of shared hope.

That's what I want to pass on to Joseph in this difficult time. That's what I want to do...to lean over and touch my candle to his...and we will stand together against the dark just a little brighter than we were before. And what if we all did that? Just stood together with our little bitty candle flames...wouldn't we light the whole situation? ANd maybe build a bonfire? Wouldn't we????
My five things:
trying on clothes at home (I don't care if I have to return things. It just makes me happy)
a sweet note left by my husband this morning (You are and look amazing). Bless his failing eyes
working out and sweating...just makes me thankful for those bad shoulders getting better
this blog...a place to think things out and put a voice to ideas I'd probably never share
my sissy stopping by last night. She makes me laugh.


Glenda said...

Great post, Ger! It is very inspiring to think about joining candles with others and then to consciously think about who needs some help brightening up. But standing with them (not for them behind them, in front of them, but with them) together we make more of a difference!...thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Ger said...

You're welcome...I think I'm getting deeper the longer I blog!! LOL