Tuesday, February 6, 2007

It's beautiful here today...

as long as you don't go outside!! The snow is blowing sideways a bit, and covering everything. It's big fluffy flakes...great, huh??? Till you go outside and your breath freezes in your own nose!! JEEZ!! And now I hear it's not even better in the Carolina's...and that it's 52 (perfect straight hair weather, AG!!) in FL. There is nowhere for me to run and hide!!
I think I"m back into exercising...such an overstatement, and not to be confused with "I'm into the Bears, my nieces, or scrapbooking" OH NOO!!! N-O!! n-O-ski!!! Just that I'm doing it every day...and the results are in the mail. I just know all this freakin' self discipline will pay off someday...and to fit back into my spring clothes by spring seems like a goodie!! This is exactly why I got rid of all my "fat" clothes...that I'd HAVE to get back into shape and and not just let it slide...look at that!! It works!!
Once I'm back at my goal measurements (well, minus the chest which would require surgery), I"m weighing/measuring once a week...keep it in perspective. But that will be end of March at the earliest, probably more like April.
Watched this Oprah show yesterday...it was about looking young for your age. Joseph, being his pithy self, said "It seems like all the great looking people, young for their age, are single" But it seemed to me it was all about being content in your own skin, doing things you love, and spending time being PASSIONATE...not coasting through life, barely noticing it. That and moisturizer. I think I can do that. I don't suppose passionate about dark chocolate fits the bill... I guess I'll stick to loving my life and the peeps in it, having fun scrapping and laughing, listening to music that makes me dance in my chair...and avoiding cold weather. A bit of a challenge these days in IL...Poor Paul's door froze close yesterday...with HIM in it!! Now THAT is cold. So I'm a hermit...I'll be like the groundhog and come out for spring...
Off to a crop...hope to finish up my Christmas pages today and start on a V-day card for PW. Got Joseph a fun little shirt of a group that he LOOOOOVES.
Parting thought...the news had a special feature yesterday about the Superbowl Blues. But I missed it...but I"m feeling it!! I guess so is my Brian...sitting out the Pro Bowl in HI. Honestly, need to talk some sense into that boy!!

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Carolyn said...

Hi Ger! The Heidi Swapp class is called A Year to Remember and it is thru Bigpicturescrapbooking.com. It was my splurge for the year. I'm really working at using my stash so trying hard not to purchase any "newbies". WTG on your goals too. Have a great night and stay warm. It's supposed to warm up here tomorrow afternoon.