Sunday, February 11, 2007 hands are FABULOUS!!

I had my very first manicure EVER yesterday. GOOD -Ness!! SOMEONE SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME>>>DRAGGED ME>>>KNOCKED ME OUT!! I should not be 42 (pretty sure that's it!!) and getting my first manicure. Of course, Birgit is the ultimate in fabulous...gentle, massage extraordinaire, chocolate lotion, seriously great. If I have to scrape pennies, I'll be doing those bad boys...and I ordered some one minute manicure "juice". that is like a combination of salt and super rich lotion...and my hands are USUALLY soft. But they were like Butta when I left. Not just that...there's more!! I got this great fun perfect red color for Christmas that i LOOOOOOVE and Birgit found the match for it, so I'm uber happy. lalalallala!!
Had our monthly bible study, Comfort and Joy, Thursday and of course, I"m bawling like a baby with Glenda and Dana leading worship. I so admire those two...and love them to pieces. I was so sad when our little small group met its demise because then I never get to talk to them. And I was beyond proud of them on Thursday. As they literally walk, side by side, through the valley of tears, there they stand worshipping God, inviting us in, and trying to be the faithful women that I know they are. Dana is such a good friend to Glenda...I know other people are too...but I just get the privilege of WITNESSING their friendship. Joy was talking about putting on all those good qualities we possess as Christians...patience, kindness, compassion. Whew!! What a challenge...and then went on to talk about forgiveness and how if we have TOTALLY forgiven,then when we think back on something there will be no emotional reaction to it. I don't know about that one, because I know I have forgiven people, but I am still saddened by remembering some things...
Finally figured out g-mail chat. Doesn't seem like that big of a deal, but it is to me. Here I am a college graduate, being beaten by some cheap software...but don't YOU WORRY!! I did figure it out and had a delightful chat with one of my fave peeps in the world...
Paul and I got in an ENORMOUS conflict Friday...that would be the day after he shut down ONCE again, and then change the subject and tried to go to sleep while I was talking. I totally confronted him and told him, that although he may not be actively seeking his addiction of choice, he is DEFINITELY not sober and he was a raging addict right get it together or move into the guest room. That I was not playing the game and I'd told him several times he was getting worse and it had been progressively devolving since before thanksgiving and I was sick of it. Ugly, sad, hard...and then we had to eat. Funny how life goes on as I watch him swirl.
Had to cancel my long-awaited Italian night because Joseph had the flu. Of course, as soon as I did, he felt better like an hour later. But by then, I wasn't feeling that great. I guess God's plan involved Paul and I clearing the air for the night.
Went to my "how to be a better wife" class at church Saturday was ok, but there was a great point brought out in discussion. We canNOT say we love the Lord with all our hearts and NOT want to change. I think I'm going to focus on that for myself these days...I DO want to continue to grow in compassion and kindness...and as Joy said Thursday, sometimes loving someone is doing the hard thing...not the fun thing.
Paul came home from his 12-step meeting telling me that one of the senior guys gave him a verbal spanking. YEAH FOR THE HEALTHY PEOPLE!! He realized that he was wrong, that he was resentful and he wished it wouldn't get to this point. Here we go again... I told him I wasn't all the interested in his remorse if he didn't change what he was doing. We'll see... I hate being the firm one...and as his counselor told me..."there's a reason God healed you first"...but it's not all the much fun, quite frankly!!
Went to my first "big girl" dinner party last night...I had a great time, and the conversation was great. I just love Rick and Dana; Sonja and getting to know Don. Just wish Lynda and Les could have made it. Sigh.
Today...the first day without the Bears for the year. Sigh again. What do people do during non-football season? I used to go to crops, but they aren't in the budget. I'm sure I'll find something to fill my time with. LOL
This week is "celebrate love" week. So to start it off, I think I will list the people I love so much in my life:
my family, even when it's hard. They have helped form me into the person that I am, given my life meaning, joy, laughter, depth. I am blessed for each and every one of them: Paul, Cassie, Joseph
my family of origin: Alicia, for all the great things she has suggested over the years, Theresa, for the laughs and camaraderie and even when she doesn't remember to ask how I am!! LOL Joe, for the soul connection we have had since he was born, and the sanity we were to each other growing up. Terr, for the first opportunity to learn to love unconditionally and accept someone for who they WERE not who I thought he was. And my parents, as painful as it was sometimes to be connected to them...I have traditions, memories and values that they passed on.
My beloved nieces and nephews...they have brought so much joy and challenge as a person, the gift of a large family when my reproductive system failed!! The memories of the six of the kids going to the zoo, parading around the house, playing in the backyard...yep. Good ones. ANd then they grew up, and for reasons beyond my comprehension, God took M&M and me to a deeper level of intimacy and connection. I am truly, deeply, honestly, blessed to be able to tell the world I love them.
My friends...who add laughter, challenge, joy, tea, chocolate, scrapping, depth, a listening ear.
On this "celebration of love" week, I looooooooooooooooooooooooove you all!!


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thanks for stopping by my blog the other day! yay for your manicure!

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Your nails look fab!!!