Saturday, February 17, 2007

I haven't laughed that hard...

in at least a year, when we went to Jokes without Smokes with Debbie and Mark. Last night we went to a Valentine Banquet at Judson (mental note...tell lots of people for next year!!) The food was great, company fabulous and, quite frankly we all looked amazing!! But the comic, Jeff Allen, was hysterical!! He reminded me of Ken Davis at Hearts at Home a few years ago.... just making us laugh at the truth of our lives. Great night!!

Just for the record, Cindi Goron is a genius. Not a run of the mill genius either. A funny, beautiful, gracious genius. First, it was her idea to go last night and get a table. (point one of genius). Second, she tells me that Lexapro causes joint problems (point shoulder is better since I'm off it) Thirdly, and as far as I'm concerned, most accolade deserving, she helped me figure out how to let other, non-google members leave comments. Yep. In the company of Einstein himself. Thanks Cindi!!

Got back to scrapping yesterday...did 4 pages before I had to leave. I don't know why it's so darn hard for me to get started on these weekend crops, but it always has been!! I scrapped the 10 reasons I loved going to Scrapbook Lane...

There was a bunch of other things on my mind, but they are now gone. I'll have to blog later when I find my brain...probably under one of these piles of pix to scrap!! LOL

My five things today:

my Adored shirt. So what if I got it for myself, to remind me that God adores me. Really, that is why I got it. saves me from Joseph's morning breath

pretty snow without the frigid temps

online crops and the people who laugh with me

chocolate fountains...'nuff said

Parting thought for now...

"Mediocrity attacks excellence" That's why when we are striving for excellence in our lives, in any area, we get nailed by our "loved ones" They want to remain in their mediocrity and by us seeking to leave ours, we threaten them.


Anonymous said...

Well dear friend here is you 1st anonymous post(it's really Cindi) Thanks for letting us non-googlers in. I really enjoy your site. You are witty, sincere and kooky--I get you!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with the world. Blessings.........CG

Ger said...

Thanks Cindi...that's really sweet so say. No one has EVER called me kooky!! And...sure is nice to know SOMEONE gets me!! LOL
Blessings right back at ya girlfriend!!