Thursday, February 15, 2007

The day after...

had a great day yesterday!! I got picked up by Melissa to meet Sherrie for breakfast, since Paul took my car so he wouldn't bottom out on the way to/from work. (Good idea since he made dinner reservation at Shanghai Bistro, not the nearest ditch!!) Had a great yappathon about triathlons (Sherrie, not ME!!), husband's working out, small groups, MOPS, our kids, manicures...just a goodie. Had my former usual breakfast choice there: a cinnamon roll and fruit cup with tea from home. Then, came home and checked out my former friend Kimberlee's suggestion of She is my former friend because she ripped me out of my denial by sending me this website. IT is my former breakfast choice because just the cinnamon roll was 600 calories and 90g of carbs; 25 of fat. GOOD-NESS!! Sheesh. I'll be doing some research on what IS healthy to eat there. So I put in my food for the day at 11:00 and I"m just about shot for the day...and I know we are going to Shanghai. Hmmm...

Had a great talk with a friend, who shall remain nameless, because she's starting a private blog. I'm really excited for her. I think it will help her as much as it helps me (we think alot alike) to process things and remember all the blessings of my life.

Tried to hook up with Judy and Dor, but no luck. **Sigh** I really miss them. Thank GOD for unlimited long distance and email.

I got the nicest e-card from Dana. Made me choke up that she thinks of me that way: that her laughter is louder and load a bit lighter with me as a friend. What a nice thing to say...and the feeling is completely mutual. She's one of my favorite people on earth!!

Kimberlee, same former friend, dropped off the cutest little altoid looking box (I'll post a picture tomorrow) but it was full of these amazing chocolates!! Not being one to take sabotage without giving back, I gave HER a handful of chocolate truffle kisses. TAKE THAT!!! I love her new haircut. It's so sassy and fun...I don't care if she doesn't think it looks great. I do. And it makes her look younger!!

Dinner was fabulous....Mike and Cindy are the best hosts I've ever experienced at a restaurant. Paul went in early to set a special table with a long stem rose and they added heart cut outs and kisses. The food, as always was fabulous (but sheesh, Sparkpeople are gonna wreck all my eating fun!!) and the conversation was great...real and open and back and forth (THANK YOU JESUS!!) Off to a movie, The Departed. As Melissa said "Nothing says happy valentine's day like a mass murdering blood and guts movie"...and the theatre was full. SO apparently we aren't the only ones. Well,the movie, quite frankly, sucked. If they took out the F*bomb, the Munich-esque movie would have been half as long as it was. Props to Leonardo, though, he did a great job. No wonder the trailers on TV were disjointed. There are no two sentences strung together without profuse swearing!! Ugh.

Then got a text from Cassie, called her back on her crappy landline (vonage and wind don't go together). She and Chris set a date (08/01/08) and she asked me to make her wedding dress. Quite a compliment, but YOWZA!! I don't think I sew that well. Paul Joseph and I talked for a long time last night...till almost midnight.

Great's to another!!

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