Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I had been typing

for 30 minutes when my freakin' computer ate my blog. Oh the pain...the pain...

In a much less funny nutshell, I realize I"m a dork. Seriously...without hope...dork. I dropped dinner about5 times last night, after I launched the cinnamon from the cupboard into the blender full of faux white sauce. Then splotted my moisturizer all over myself, then dropped my mascara wand on my face (am I the ONLY one who does this????). Finally, spray creamer all over the stove that got cleaned 57 times last night due to my dorkiness. Sheesh.. Just tell me you have days like this....

Here's a quote for ya:

"Few things in the world are more powerful than a positive push. A smile. A word of optimism and hope. A 'you can do it' when things are tough." -Richard DeVos

What if we all lived that? I found this list...look at all the ways we can build each other up!!! I've highlighted the ones I need to work on...

1. Give encouragement

2. Express thanks ( I think I"m pretty good at this!!)

3. Acknowledge others ( I hate it when I'm not acknowledged and Jodi Weller tells me I do it...)

4. Extend greetings (so...I'll be doing this a lot more...even though I thought I was, I need to work on it apparently and get out my head)

5. Give a compliment (ok, I do this a lot too...I hope people learn to just say "thank you")

6. Congratulate someone (not a lot of occasion for this, but I think I do it in the form of "WOW!! That's great...exciting, fabuloso, whatever)

7. Teach, give instructions (does Joseph count???)

8. Offer words of comfort (I realized how precious these are when my dad got sick...)

9. Inspire others (but how does one inspire others???)

10. Celebrate and cheer (oh yeah...I'm the queen of let's celebrate or drown our sorrows in chocolate)

11. Inquire, express interest (I wish I could remember details better than I do...can I write them down???)

12. Mend relationships (I do what I can, but it IS a two way street)

13. Make others laugh (laugh at me or with me?? I do laugh alot I think, so I'm going with I"m doing this OK)

14. Show faith and trust (this is brutally hard for me...)

15. Share good news (burn the phone up when there's something good to share!!)

16. Praise, honor, build up (do I???)

17. Express caring (cards, emails, phone calls, gifts. I think I'm pretty good at this)

18. Show understanding and empathy (I hear this is one of my strengths)

19. Give approval (How's this work??? I give Joseph approval alot...but is this like "I think you're dong a great job, or you are on the right track???)

20. Extend an invitation (heck yes...tea, Panera, Italian night)

21. Show courtesy and respect (I think it is painfully obvious when I don't respect someone. I do, however, show courtesy a lot)

22. Give advice and counsel (Kimberlee thinks I do this alot!! "you know what you should do...")

23. Apologize (I suck at's a big thorn in my side)

24. Forgive (I've had more than my share of practice and I think I"m good at it!!)

25. Offer to help (yes, but then sometimes I regret offering!! LOL)

26. Tell the truth (I HATE PEOPLE WHO LIE!! So I tell the truth...)

27. Point out the good (I'm told I do this well, so I guess so)

28. Use terms of affection (which shall remain private, since I value my life)

29. Provide valuable information (not sure I do this...unless it's about organizing or chilling about what your babies/toddlers are doing)

30. Communicate love (to some this is very easy, to others, sooooo difficult)

Well, I have my work cut out for me...because I do want to be a positive influence on the world. I want people to say behind my back things like "She's nice; I can tell she's a Christian", I like spending time with her; she lifts me up."

one little day at a time... parting thought...for crying out loud! I dropped my towel IN THE TOILET!!! Now, seriously, I couldn't do that if I tried...but there it was, dripping disgusting (really, how clean IS toilet water,even if no one has voided in there???) water all over my now, on Wednesday, my normal lazy day, I"m washing clothes....Just in case up till now you were thinking "well, she's not THAT much of a dork..."


Lynda said...

Geriann nice. I can tell she's a Christian. I like spending time with her. She lifts me up. She's
not a dork and she is one of my very special friends. I think she was reading my mind on these comments because they are all from MY heart. hugs & blessings~ Lynda

Ger said...

Thanks for all those nice things said, but NO I am really a dork. I forget what I did to day to prove it, but I know it involved dripping milk down my itty bitty cleavage!! LOL

your fave daughter said...

Mom, you are a dork.. but we love you anyway! lol! Just FYI, toilet water is the same as tap water. I promise you, it's not lethal. :-P

Ger said...

well, I do feel the loooooooove now!! And how do you know it's the same as tap water? I have trust issues, ya know!! ;)