Thursday, February 8, 2007

Sometimes it is just no fun...

being a grown up!! I spent half the day yesterday on the phone...there is an awful lot of heartbreak in my circle of friends. Not much to say but "I know how you feel". Ugh. And with the stuff going on at our church, I would like to just vacation for the rest of 2007.... Double ugh. Is the truth so darn hard to speak?? REALLY??? Is it?? Not truthiness, but actual truth.
Cable is in and out because of our lovely tundra related issues...neg 8 right now, with the sun doing it's false advertising...looking all yellow and warm there. If it weren't for the icicles coming off my garage, I might believe it!!
I'm without a car,since rag top convertibles and negative 8 aren't good running partners. Paul SAYS it's an oil change...but I happen to know it doesnt take 3-4 days to do an oil change. LOL You think that would mean I'd get more done...nope....I couldn't even tell you waht I did yesterday except talk onthe phone. DIdn't even exercise. And on that note, IT"S NOT LIKE IT"S HELPING ANYWAY!!! Ok, now that I have that out of my system, I"ll tell myself it's helping my heart; it's helping me not get osteoarthritis like my mom has; I'll tell myself I feel better when I exercise. Then I"ll argue that point that I feel EVEN BETTER when I'm stuff dark chocolate M&Ms into my little mouth...which won't stay little if I keep doing it. Note to self: bring left over M&Ms to church tonight for C&J.
So all these people in my life are like "oh, your blog is so funny; I read your blog; blah blah." So I"m wondering why NO ONE comments but Meliss and Carolyn...they must be left speechless with my wit and wisdom...that's it.
I saw this on a website:
If it helps, start a "Happy Book"...get a little notebook and at the end of each day, force yourself to write down five things that made you happy that day (or that you are grateful for).
1) Talking to Judy yesterday...we laughed as always!! She challenges and encourages me.
2) Catching up with Dori...friends like her are awfully rare!!
3) My niece's new internship...sounds exciting for her!! (and they have offices here!!)
4) Watching the last of the Supreme Court series...I'm happy to live in America. Seriously. I love this country and all that it stands for...warts and all.

5) Layers...yep...4 of them yesterday!!

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Glenda said...

Thanks for your kind words and prayer tonight. It meant a lot!