Friday, February 16, 2007

Another day, another drama

I thought yesterday was going to be a slow day, and quite frankly, at some points I was bored. But I used my boredom well, reading another chapter in Bob Greene's book. He explains things very well, as far as exercise,and eating and why we should do what we should do. But I'm very frustrated with my healthy living results. I'm working out, eating pretty well 90% of the time, and I swear my pants are getting tighter. I could just cry....or maybe it's PMS. SO I"m going to stick with it because it's the right thing to do, RIGHT????

Talked to Cassie yesterday. She tells me the story of how they picked their wedding date, and it's so discouraging. She doesn't think Chris really wants to marry her. She isn't happy with the date or the place he wants (and doesn't seem to be backing down or trying to compromise). She says "I don't' want to make a big deal out of telling everyone we set a date" I can't imagine that. I remember being so excited when Paul and I picked our date... To start a marriage that heart really does break for her.

I woke up this morning to this song, which I do about 3x/week. It always makes me think of Cass...and my heart breaks a little more for her.

she is running, 100 miles an hour in the wrong direction she is trying but the canyons ever widening, and the depths of her cold heart, so she sets out on another misadventure just to find, she's another 2 years older and she's 3 more steps behind,(chorus)

(Chorus) does anybody hear her can anybody see or does anybody even know she's going down today, under the shadow of our steeple,with all the lost and lonely people, searching for the hope that's tucked away in you and me, does anybody hear her, can anybody see? she is yearning for shelter and affection that she never found at home, but she is searching, for a hero to ride in ride in and save the day up and walks prince charming and he knows just what to say, momentary he laughs of reason and she gives herself away

(chorus) if judgement looms under every steeple lofty glances from lofty people you can see past her scarlet letter and we've never even met her, if judgement looms under every steeple,if lofty glances from lofty people, you can't see past her scarlet letter and we never even met her, never even met her

(chorus) he is running a 100 miles an hour in the wrong direction.

I just hope she realizes it someday....someday soon. That this is not what God wants for her, or requires of her. That she deserves so much more from life than to marry a guy who she doesn't even think wants to marry her, who never wants to spend time alone with her...I can feel her loneliness through the phone line. **sigh** If she were happy,it would make such a difference. It just doesn't seem like she is...

Went to a pampered Chef party last, laughs and I discovered I don't like goat cheese!! LOL They have some great new products...

Poor Meliss has a bum knee...I told her all that fitness would get to her someday!! Hopefully, things will improve quickly for's been bugging her off and on (more on than off this past week) for 18 months. I hope she gets it fixed and it never bothers her again!! And then there's the GMAT next weekend. Well, there's always March for her!! lol

omg!! And I'm taking new applications for a driver. My former driver, who promised to take me to the geriatric appointments I'll need in 20 years (her words,not mine!!) because I hate driving at night. Well, she had a little ooopie with another car last night. I thought she was going to have a complete breakdown. Seriously...then the owner of the car she bumped couldn't even tell where she hit it. But she's got some new racing stripes on her car now. It will be a story told again and again, I"m sure!! (note I didn't name names!!)

Off to crop this weekend...I need to find a place that crops on weekends when I'm not PMS-ing. My back is bothering me already!!

Quote of the day:

The best years of your life are the ones in which you decide your problems are your own. You do not blame them on your mother, the ecology, or the president. You realize that you control your own destiny.- Albert Ellis

I don't know who this guy is...but that's a pretty impressive outlook.

And my five (make that six) happy things:

Joseph Paul and I last night...just sitting around yapping.

Grey's Anatomy was NOT the horrifying thing that it was presented as to moi!! Faker!! Just wait...

Connecting with Cassie...even if the conversation points weren't great...I miss her when we don't talk.

Talking to Judy, who can make me laugh about a half sliced off thumb.

that chocolate yummy dish last night (And of course, Dana inviting me!!!)

my warm yellow sweater that makes me remember spring is on its way!!


Melissa said...

BAHAHAHAHA!!! When i saw the scary blue fuzzies I laughed so hard. There was no reason to read the rest of the blog, that was enough to make me not hate my knee :-)

J cemeno said...

Yup! It's your blog(and mine too!) Looking forward to having you in my life again.

Lynda said...


Wanted to tell you that that song.... "Does Anybody Hear Her"
my Sarah is doing a Human Video of
for the xpress drama team Children's ministries.
Have you seen the video clip?
Let me know. It is touching and
I see how it could tug at your heart for Cassie.
Love ya~

Ger said...

Glad I made ya laugh there missy!! I know they are killer weapons... perhaps Bush should use them in the war.

Ger said...

Glad your blog is all I had hoped for for you...I know how much it has helped me!! (Mine, not yours!! LOL)

Ger said...

Thanks Lynda...I hope I can see it sometime. And thanks for the video.