Monday, February 12, 2007

Terry Kelley ROCKS!!

Today, my five things are:
1>>my warm red sweater...sleeves are long, turtleneck is thick and fits up around my nose to keep my face warm when I'm freezing..and I can wear it with my favorite low rise jeans. Just doesn't get any better than that!!
2>>Cassie came with Chris, even though she stayed back at the house while we got her Valentine gift, we still got to visit and hang for a while after we got back with it.
3>>Judy's call. It didn't do much to diffuse the stuff going on, but her voice ALWAYS makes me smile.
4>>Pumpkin Spice creamer...yummo.
5>>Getting to take a nap...fabulous till my freakin' cell phone started beeping. HONESTLY!! But snuggling down in a warm bed with my favorite blankie. What a treat!!

Yesterday was such an interesting day, and seriously, some of it I can't even describe. My heart hurts for what is going on at church...but at the same time, I'm trusting that God has his hand in all of this and that the truth will be told. But this waiting stuff is for the birds!!
Terry Kelly ROCKED...he lead worship this week, after Paul had his first solo at FAOG. He sounded great...I thought it was funny when Morris said "hey...great job on the lip synch". Leave it to M!!!

Small group was fabulous, if FUREEZING. I need to wear my winter boots over there. But the conversation was great...and it was great to be back in a marriage small group. The topic isn't marriage, but being in a room with couples of all ages and walks of life is so encouraging for me. And getting the opportunity to go deeper with people I really, really like and respect is fab. Standing around talking for almost an hour after the group was, books, family, faith. Seriously great.

One question we discussed was how we could pray for each other toward spiritual maturity, as discussed in Ephesians 4. My prayer is this: I want my mind renewed. I am tired...I want to focus on what GOD wants me to focus on...not how I see things. I want to speak the truth in love, not sin in anger. I know that it all begins with a renewed mind. I was so beautifully reminded last night, If God tells us we can become more and more like him with each passing day, then I can. Because His intent is not to frustrate. It is to bless.


Your fave daughter said...

I didn't know Dad had a solo!!! I would've come! Let me know next time?

Ger said...

absolutely will do the next time..that must have been when your phone was on the fritz???