Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Blizzard today????

That's what they are saying...and the wind is already blowing so hard I can barely open my back door....but being COMMITTED to bread from Great Harvest (aka the bread store), I get up at 745 without delay...go to get ready for the day. This includes squirting my foamy soap all over my sweater instead of my hand. Not sure how I did that or even if I could do that again if I tried, but given my mascara/make up escapades, I suspect I will do some variation on that again!!

Get in my cold car (note--leather seats in winter...preheat if you don't have butt warmer seats...which I now hear come with MULTIPLE settings!!) Drive through bad roads (seriously...the ABS in my car was used more than once and I slid around corners). The only bad roads are north/south roads. East/west are just fine. Queer IL roads.

Survive the treacherous trip to get to great harvest....just in time for the plow guy to have cleared my spot (pretty sweet for the wimpess that I am!!), go in and smell the delicious aromas of fresh bread coming out of the oven. aaaahhhhh. "I'll take a brownie bread heart (for MOPS) and a pumpkin chip bread (for Joseph) and pancake mix (for Paul)" Ok..."Is there anything else??" "I need a nine grain or whatever low carb bread you have today, please" "Oh...those won't be ready till after 930" 930????? I have been out of bread for two days!! I have to eat ALDI"S BREAD?????" OH the pain...the pain. Everyone else gets their yummies and unless I want to wait 1.5 hours in a storefront, or risk coming back, it's two more days without my beloved bread. I came home $18 poorer and still without my delish. bread. I switched to black to reflect my mood. Hrmph.

Here's another one (ie, true story of my weird life)

I was exercising on my little exercise bike and did a sprint for 2 minutes. Which of course shoves said bike farther and farther from me since Melissa did SOMETHING with my rubber stoppers and now it just slips all over the place. Sigh. Go to pull it toward me and now I have 9 lovely nails. (Here's the weird part) My thumbnail DID NOT break, crack or bend. The nail polish just came off in a semi circle. Right down to the "bone" How WEIRD is that??? So I whipped out my almost the same as my Christmas color polish and fixed it. Still...weird...

24 was boring last night. I have NEVER had that experience before. Bored and 24 don't usually go together.

Still in reverse through my day (like one of those flashback movies), Cassie and Chris came over yesterday. Chris wanted to surprise Cassie with a new phone for V-day. He needed my help. First time ever. So off we go (just the two of us...sliding in the passenger side door of his car because the driver's side was broken in the accident) to the Cingular store. Our service guy was the "beard comb over guy" from the superbowl commercial. I didn't know phone guys could be so completely condescending!! But he managed to treat me like MORE of an idiot than I could ever be...we did end up with the smallest phone in the world...which means Cassie should be able to keep it on her at all times. Which means no one else should be able to take it, break it,or otherwise alter it so she can't use it. Time will tell. *tick*tock*

We come home and I ask Chris (the boy needs some SERIOUS romance coaching) if he has a bag or wrap or anything to give it to her in (having already established he wasn't going to wait 2 days for Valentine's Day). No. So I go downstairs and find a bag (red even!!) Sadly, I had also put styrofoam coffee cups In the bag to run it downstairs...so he's like, well there's cups in here. I just started laughing...no extra charge for the togo cups. We get the phone all situated and bring it into the guest room, where Cassie is. As if orchestrated by the bad luck fairy, someone calls at that ExACT time on her new phone...and everyone who has ever heard the Cingular tone knows it immediately. Chris was so upset, but Joseph and I were laughing. It may go down in history as a family story...and to make matters worse...wrong number!! LOL Seriously, could someone PLAN THAT?????

My five for today:

1) Warm tea from my tea maker...yummo!!

2) Joseph and Paul are going to the auto show (WITHOUT ME!! WOOHOOO!!!!!!)

3) Being able to get Joseph his bread. That will make him happy.

4) Waking up on my own this morning...I hate getting up to an alarm


Parting thought for the day:

"They don't know what matters and what doesn't," I said, filling in her sentence and feeling proud of myself for doing so. [But she continued,] "I was gonna say, the problem is they know what matters, but they don't choose it. You know how hard that is, Lily? The hardest thing on earth is choosing what matters."
-The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd

My Meeshie had to read this one summer!! Remember that missy??? Anyway, we thought it was completely without merit and a waste of eyeball time that could be better spent doing stuff together. Then I get this quote in my email box this morning. Why is it that we don't choose what matters? And I guess that leads to the question "what matters to me?"

For me...integrity, truth, kindness, family, friends, faith, laughter, joy, peace. That's what matters. So today, I will try to live that out. Check back tomorrow to see how I do!! LOL

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your fave daughter said...

I'm not in your five for the day?? *sticks lip out far enough for a bird to land on* so sad.