Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We're a schitzophrenic state...

we elect a president and have a huge rally...and then less than a month later our governor gets arrested ARRESTED, led away in handcuffs, for corruption and extortion. I've lived with Chicago politics my entire adult life, mostly as a joke, but seeing the waste and the (IMHO) misguided priorities, but HONESTLY. How do you get a 13% approval rating? And then be arrogant enough to challenge people to wiretap you...while extorting Children's Memorial, while putting a senate seat up for bid, while blackmailing the Tribune company to fire people...and then show up at a sit in for laid off workers?? I can only hope he gets pushed out of office. Imagine what he would have tried to do with the olympics!! Ugh. Hopefully now we'll have an HONEST governor. We've had one in my entire memory of living here. And he'd get re-elected if he ran...but he won't. Sigh.

Got a new phone...the blackberry curve. I give it a 92% approval rating. I like that I can set all my ringtones from the songs I already have on there, that i can use it like an mp3, that i can take LOADS of pictures, that I can set the calendar to do whatever days I want. I don't know that I'm crazy about the phone speaker though. We'll see. I've only talked on it once. It's def. a texting phone!!
And the girls are coming in after alllllllllllllllllllll!! WOOHOOO!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008


people are so damn mean. So busy with other people's lives. So unconcerned about how their toxic shit hurts others. Why is that??? Not that this is directed at fact, it was Joseph and his break up and his ex girlfriend's ANGRY, hateful, mean rip your heart out texts that made me start thinking...then my niece getting WHALED on by an old friend...for something that had nothing to do with her, none of her business and ancient history. Just to stir up trouble. Just to be mean. Vindictive. No purpose. None at all.

It makes me so sad. Why can't we just be nice to each other? What the heck is so hard about that. To respect people as human beings. TO not make sport out of hurting each other or getting revenge, judgment...

Not a good bills, tuition mishaps, no good cell phones to buy for replacements. It's cold too. Literally, 2100 out the door in the matter of hours.

I need to just go to bed. Things will be better in the morning, right? Off to a wrestling tournament and some warm cinnamon buns.

On the other car turned over 100,000 miles...on the way home from a great visit from Cassie's on Tuesday. I love that car. I hope it gets another 100,000 miles. ANd how can you have people like this in your life and stay upset too long? I'm blessed...and my heart aches for my peeps tonight.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Gosh...what to write

Things here are a mixed bag, as usual. It's been a challenging couple of months...and I keep avoiding blogging because I just don't want to put words to paper. So I keep putting food to mouth!! Sheesh!! SO today is the day I rectify both.
Paul and I on his birthday. We went to Portillo's with the youth group kids and Joseph picked him up and brought him there. The kids all sang him happy birthday and he seemed really happy that night.

Ronnie is getting so big...he's cruising around furniture and if he ever decides he can stand on his own, he's going to take off!! He is the funniest much personality...and is all about the changing of his mind. Up/down/ Cassie/me/ toys/books/ food/food/food. He makes the funniest sounds when he's happy...sort of an asthmatic wheeze. and blows his nose when he's mad. Minus the Kleenex of course. I love how much time I spend with Cassie, how much we talk and laugh and pontificate. Love that Ronnie loves us as much as he does. His little face lights up when he sees us, and he'll spend the evening with us (I think we're the only ones who get long term babysitting without meltdowns) and be fine...but usually cries when Cassie leaves. We just don't let him see her leave...and then it's like a home away from home so he just plays like he would if Cassie were here. He reminds me so much of Joseph as a baby...personality, clinginess, business. Cassie's a really great mom. And her priorities are right where they should be...I admire that she doesn't let others dictate what's important to her.

Ronnie's first thanksgiving. Cassie gave him his food and a spoon, but he preferred the direct food everywhere and was happy as a clam. We were laughing our heads off!!

Joseph is firmly ensconced in college, still procrastinating and will be lucky if he gets a C in math this semester. He doesn't test well, is amazed at what a waste of time class is, and will be paying for half of his math class if he gets a C. He's about to be off again with his girlfriend of off again/on again fame for the 4th time...she's such a nice girl, but they are not a good couple at ALL!!
Here they are singing happy birthday to Paul!

I'm heading out to Seattle again in January...a long weekend crop. Can't wait!!

Paul is doing what he does...quitting his program. Doing part of it. Justifying and getting mad at me when I call him on it. He moved in our bedroom for the first time in a year and promptly quit doing anything related to me...tells me what he's doing that doesn't involve me about once a week. I'm angry, disappointed and not surprised. He slept on the couch last night and will be every night he doesn't do what he committed to doing. 60 days after making promises to me, he's 55 days into breaking them. And yet, something has changed. We rarely fight. I think I just don't care that much anymore. If he wants his solitary life, then he can have it. I guess I've found a way to accept a surface marriage and get most of my relationship needs met elsewhere.

Started another Bible study..on the book of Daniel. I like it alot but it's going pretty slowly. I don't know if I can keep up the slowness of this pace!! LOL That's a new one!!