Tuesday, April 24, 2007

unfinished sentences

I am afraid of...someone I love dying a horrible death
I wish I would have...never told Cassie to go to the Unland's for the weekend
I wish I would not have...blown my gasket as much as I have
I indulge myself by...eating dark chocolate, ghiradelli mint squares to be exact
My biggest vice is...shopping
My best characteristic is...not sure
I have a secret crush on...not so secret: Denzel Washington, safe crush!! LOL
I have no qualms about...telling the truth
My nickname is...Ger
If my house were on fire, I would save...my scrapbooks and pix and blankie
I've lied about...how much money I've spent but it's been a looooong time
I'd lie again about...nothing
If I were sitting on Santa's lap, and stilled believed that he existed, I'd ask for...my family to be restored to health and unity
I wish I were more...outgoing when I first meet people.
I wish I was less...expectant of people having my standards on things.I think I'm getting better but still...
I hate having to...do laundry, scrub toilets
I love getting to...hang out with my friends and family
One way I could indulge myself over the holidays would be to...go on a cruise!!
If my family would never find out, I would...nah...I"m a pretty open book. Sometimes too much
I think sex is...fabulous when applied correctly!! LOL. Amazing, tender, passionate, unifying
I think men are...wired differently to the point of mystery
I think women are...strong and emotional and fun to be with
The color yellow represents to me / reminds me of: spring
The scent I most associate with the holidays is: my favorite candle Hollyberry by Yankee candle
I am am looking forward to 44 because...I think I"m getting better each year and more comfortable in my own skin...and honestly I have to keep figuring out how old I am...I forget
I think the most beautiful color is lilac purple
I think the most beautiful sight in nature is flowers poking through the earth or a newborn baby (OK, cindi???) ;)
I wish I had spent more time really plugged in to my kids
Next year I plan to be debt free. That's all. Get that monkey off my back
One way I'm going to avoid the chaos of the holidays is to plan ahead
The one gift I plan to give myself this year is paying off our bills. Have one left after this month!!

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