Sunday, April 15, 2007

100 things that make me happy

1. Smell of fresh cut grass
2. Music
3. Wearing jeans, especially with lycra
4. Telling jokes with my kids
5 Sitting on the Deck in the summer
6. When a friend/family calls out of the blue
7. Traveling
8. Drinking tea, especially the first cup in the morning
9. Great hair days
10. Fresh flowers
11. Being pampered
12. Watching people
13. Sitting next to a body of water and listening to it move
14. Smell of fresh popped popcorn
15. Watching a movie again that I loved
16. Ghiradelli chocolate and ice cream
17. Random acts of kindness
18. Fluffy clouds
19. Dreams that are so good I don’t want to wake up
20. Blowing bubbles
22. Cooking with a crock pot
23. Feeling like I belong
24. Spending time with family.
25Haircuts that I can recreate at home
26. Getting off the plane
27. When I feel like I can impact the world
28. Chocolate martinis
29. Making lists
30. Crossing things off my list
31.Paydays that exceed the budget
32.Finding an awesome sale
33 Connecting instantly with new people
34. Dried flowers from special occasions
35. The smell of wood fires
36. Driving when there isn’t anybody else on the road
37. The library,
38. Helping others/making other people happy
39. The end of a migraine
40. Warm towels on a winter day
41. Windy days in summer
42. When friends trust me enought to share their secrets with me
43. Sitting in piano bars and chatting over cheesecake
44. Air conditioning
44. Hot showers
45. Sitting in empty movie theaters and talking outloud before the movie starts!!
46. Ladybugs and butterflies
47. Going to the zoo and getting dippin dots
48. Iced tea
49. Clear nights when you can see tons of stars (usually out at the farm)
50. Bright yellow full moons
51. Floppy hats.
52. My house
53. The way babies smile
54. The sound of a rain on a window
55. Candles that smell nice(Ikeas tea lights are great!!)
56. Walking on the beach
57. Having a cosmo with Judy
58. The smell of laundry dried on the line
59. Roller coasters
60. My nieces and my nephew
61. Texting with them or google chatting
62. Listening to music really really loud in my car with the sunroof open
63. Long chats
64. Sunsets
65. Eating Shanghai Bistro and Portillos
66. Autumn
67. Purring cats
68. Hot chocolate on a cold day
69. Shopping downtown
70. The smell of vanilla
71. Getting a letter or card in the mail
72. Fresh Baked cookies
73. Strolling at the oceanfront
74. Collecting my angels
75. Paul's pancakes
76. Hearing a song I love on the radio
77. Laughing so hard that my stomach hurts
78. Old photographs of relatives in their youth...and grandma's magnetic albums
79. Sunshine on my face
80. Daydreaming and planning things out
81. Smiles from strangers
82. Catching up with Dori and having a long talk
83. Carnations
84. South Carolina
85. T shirt skirts
86. sandals
87. pedicures
88. The smell of the downtown library
89. British accents
90. Coming home from vacation
91. Counting my blessings
92. Long productive talks with Paul
93. Chick flicks
94. Getting happy emails
95. A magazine with my name on it
96. The Pew-P-S man
97. Playing cards and games with my nieces
98. Staying close with them
99. Cassie's smile and giggle
100. Knowing how much God loves me


Shari Schulz said...

Well let me tell you I have really enjoyed your Blog. It's funny how you have put to words so much of the same thoughts that go through my mind. I joined spark people. This is a new one for me. I never did an online journal with anything. I hope it gives me the motivation I need. Have a great day and continue to post your wonderful thoughts on life. You have inspired me. Thank you

Ger said...

That's so sweet Shari!! Thanks for the comment and you will LOVE spark!! It is one of the most encouraging parts of my day!!