Saturday, April 28, 2007

Moving right along...

went out with my shimmer sista's last night. We've been meeting on and off for a year, and seeing each other at MOPS, and praying for each other...what a great group of women!! We laugh, eat, talk about everything under the sun, and are still realizing how much we don't know each other!! It was great to get away from everything for an evening and just be...and the pie wasn't bad either!! Here's to double fork eating, circle journals, honesty, heart connection and all the forms of beauty and strength I was with last night!!
And big kudos to Eloisa who passed on the pie as most of us were eating not one but TWO half slices!!
I was blessed last night, and continue to be blessed by the women in my life.
And thanks Lana for your comments...that was pretty much my take on it.

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