Friday, April 20, 2007

coming alive

"Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go do that. the world needs people who have come alive."~~Harold Whitman

Great quote, huh? So what makes you come alive?
For me...
birds chirping in the morning and sunshine streaming in the window
great worship music, especially if I'm in the car with the sunroof open
laughter, giggling, smirks, visible marks and noises of joy in life
a great book
getting together with friends
new magazines in the mail
the smell of laundry DONE, not waiting to be done (ewwwwww!!)
the phone ringing and seeing on caller ID a name I miss
a great hug
touchdown of a flight to someone I love
things that just aren't right (I come alive not always in happy ways, ya know)
injustice, especially aimed at the marginalized (think Katrina, sexism, racism)
counting my blessings
great conversations
an invitation to Portillo's
Kimberlee's raucous response to stuff
lifting weights...really!!
Pastor Rick's passion
counting down the days till I see the girls
Cassie being able to visit
planning vacation
a really great sermon
the thought of working in youth ministry again...I'd love that!!


Coffee_Cassie said...

something that makes me come alive is having a REAL conversation about something, be it the news, the book i'm reading or anything else... and being appreciated. that's another one.

Ger said...

me too...the more real the conversation, but more alive I feel!! Wish you were here to have one!1 hugs toots!