Monday, April 16, 2007

My first tulip!!

Big news...happy things happenin here!!

1) My first tulip is up and in a vase on my desk. YEAH!!!

2) Small group...what a great bunch of people...and laughs and comfortable conversation...and honesty...and encouragement.

3) Paul's dad is talking normally...till he gets tired but HEY!! God is good

4) My Meliss, my little honey who is 6 inches taller than me, my summer buddy, well....She GOT HER FIRST BIG GIRL JOB!!! So excited for her...benefits, flexibility, they love her, probably tuition reimbursement. WOOHOO!! And, wahh. Our last summer's fling, which was fabuloso, is our last summer fling. Sigh. Tear. But soooo excited for her!! Great job with a fab salary...

5) Had great breakfast chat with Dana. Talking to her is like snuggling in an old (not that she is!!) comfortable (she definitely is) quilt. We just ramble all over the place. I told Paul I need to make talking points when I talk to her because I always walk away thinking "drat, forgot to talk to her about that!!) She's so encouraging too...

6) I had this great dream last night...Paul and I were laughing and happy. Not for the moment, but really, truly, happy. I woke up with a smile on my face. We've worked so hard on our relationship and sometimes it's so difficult to not run away, and it sure was nice to have a vision of where we could end up.

7) I found Dori's beloved socks...I've been looking for 18 months. GOT "EM!! At Walmart of all places...I always underestimate that place because I hate going there so much.

8) My house is totally clean...that means my Monday bless your house list is short and sweet!! yippEE!!

9) Good hair day

10) Minimal muffies

11) The steam burns from my RICE (not ice) maker aren't killing a typical dorky move, I burned 3 fingers really, really bad (looking for sympathy here!!). Red and deformed and puffy and painful!! But they feel better today

12) and last, but certainly not least, I got rid of my acrylic nail!! (did I say that yesterday???)


~Lana B.~ said...

Geriann, I am loving your blog! You are so positive and upbeat...I need more people around me like you! THanks for being SO inspirational!!!!! {{{HUGS}}} for your fingers too!
~Lana B.~

Carolyn said...

Sounds like a great day! I could go for number 8. Wanna come over and help? I'm going to try to get some cropping in today...but don't have high hopes. I have Daisy Scouts from 3 to 4 and School Skate party from 6-8. Somewhere in the middle I have to help kids with homework and get some food in them. :-)