Saturday, April 28, 2007

How sad...

that people feel compelled to be rude behind anonymity. But in the nature of soul searching, I"m asking you guys who DO know there any truth to what this person is saying? Please be honest...and sign your name!! LOL I really do listen for that nugget of truth in criticism, not matter how harsh, but I'm not feeling it on this one.
Check out March 9th's post and comment section...and let me know.


Coffee_Cassie said...

mom, i'm gonna give you the same advice you used to give me for stuff like that... DON'T LISTEN TO IT. you and i both know it's not true. besides, why would you choose to let such an ignorant negative comment take ANY time out of your day... that person was just a mean-spirited jerk who obviously doesn't know you, so don't even give them a second thought.

Lynda said...

I laughed out loud. It was just funny to me too that someone had so much time on their hands that it is almost MAY
and they are just reading & reading & reading your blog all the way back to March 9th.
THAT made me laugh the most!!

Melissa said...

AG!!! I just thought that person was rediculous. At first I was soo angry that someone was "dissin' my AG" but then i kind of laughed at them too. How pathetic that they went all the way back in time to rip on someone. Then I kind of though about all the lame people it could be and FAF came to mind, hopefully not. That would be a new low. Regardless, you know how much everyone, except loser annonomous person (and seriously a loser that couldn't leave their NAME, at least man up and leave a name so we can all laugh about you), loves you. You are amazing and I am truely thankful I have you. Ps. I got your "WOOOO for a big girl job" card to day and it made my day! That and the margaritas I had by the pool, but it was for sure 1st place before those drinks. LOVE YOU LOADS AND LOADS!! ONLY 22 MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!

Joy said...

Ger, Your respnse to "anonymous was brilliant. You showed much grace! You'd think that this person has read so many of your blogs and should have a better view of who you really are. Pity.
We need to pray for him/her!

judy said...


Wow! I was floored when I read the comment from anonymous. You are such a treasure because you always point me toward the positive and you are SO real. If anonymous needs to be surrounded by smiling, happy people ALL OF THE TIME she/he may need to find another blog because one of your gifts is just "keepen it real". You are the most real person I know and you invite us to not be afraid to take off our armours. I am so thankful that you helped me to see that the armour keeps me from getting close to others. Please do not change a thing about your blog.

If so and so can't handle a bit of frustration peppered in among hope, joy, faith and real love it is clearly their problem - not yours.

With great respect,


Judy Nolan