Thursday, January 25, 2007


You know, this is really cramping my style that I can't use exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!! so there's a few just to fix me...

Back home, mental health day...unpacking, sorting and avoiding laundry, not answering the phone because my throat is sore...thanks NC virus!!

I spent most of the day planning Joseph's last semester this year...kicking butt on the homeschool front. He flunked another math test...and then tells me it doesn't mean anything that he KNOWS the stuff and gets it right on his assignments. But he does this weird inversion thing so that he's CLOSE to right,and all the components are there, but he's wrong. He is not a very humble take correction guy...i hope the eyeroll comes through the monitor!! And he hates writing, which I totally ramped up this semester. Crabola. Oh well. It's planned and we'll be done right before Meesh's graduation...hallelujah!! Then the summer ofoffffffff....and we may take an extended trip to NC,SC,VA, FL. Where all my peeps are...can't wait to see them!! Sadly, Meliss will be taking summer school and can't play all day but I"m sure we'll find some time to do the Pablo and other things. A little shout out to my part time Bear fan in training...once Brett leaves the pack (a moment of silence), I know she'll come over from the dark side.

Speaking of we are IN THE FREAKIN SUPERBOWL and the headline in my local (that would be IL, close enough to SMELL CHicago) paper is about the darn packer fans in Joliet. Really...sheesh...snort...eye roll. What does it TAKE to keep us focused on the kick butt BEARS??? OUR team, our guys, our crew???What? What does it take? I'm asking you!!!!

Ok, and now there's rumors of Lovie being recruited by the Cowboys??? Puleeze...he's a man of honor and dignity and blue and orange. Do you see silver on him? N-O!! He's my guy....fave coach ever...and I found a shirt that says "I love lovey" I really want that shirt...but the old budget thing isn't allowing it.

So here I am in wind chill zero, wearing a turtle neck for only the second time this winter, C_O_L_D. But at least it's sunny and the sky is blue.

On a more serious note, tried to have a real conversation with Paul last night, follow up to the one we didn't finish before I left...just isn't happening. He's forgetting conversations we have had, shuts down, takes 3-5 minutes to respond. So I'm just checking out for now...he's obviously working through something and can't be plugged in. Thank God for girlfriends and blogs. I suppose some day, he'll step up again...but in the meantime, it's discouraging and sad and I'm tired of this. It's been going on since Thanksgiving.


Melissa said...

he might replace denzel. ha!! that made me laugh. i'm so happy you have this blog this year. Considering we "both have lives and your niece doesn't really appreciate it" is 100% true, atleast reading this i kind of know what's going on with you.

Ger said...

Well, he could slide into my top 10. He's got all the requirements.. I hate Gmail. DOn't care what you say. I'll try it again tomorrow. fust-er-ated.