Monday, January 15, 2007

GO BEARS (no exclamation points allowed)

Can you believe my BEARS??? WOOHOOO!!! They rock!
well, that just about gave me a headache with the last minute win...oh man!! I just couldn't even answer the PHONE after awhile!! WOW!!
And then Paul and I have yet another conversation about the fall out from his addiction. He just has this mindset that his addiction is in the past (even though some of the behaviors remain), so all the broken pieces he left behind should be. Sheesh!! I finally told him, "imagine that you are looking at this area of my heart: it's like a forest fire the day after, scorched, black, bare. And even though there's little green sprouts showing from time to time, that scorched area can't be ignored for the few sprouts" He says he gets it...but then forgets. Like how can he FORGET??? Not that I want him to live in shame and guilt, but GET it!! It's not an instant fix... And at the same time, I"m so thankful for the work God has done in my life and in his and in our marriage!!
I just know that this journey will keep moving forward...and that some day we'll be healed completely...RIGHT????
24 was so fabulous I could hardly handle it. I had to rewind it a couple of times to get the finer points!! WOW!!
We went to a surprise party Saturday...and I was reminded again how freakin' shy I am with people I don't know. Sheesh. I sat there watching everyone else, not able to start small talk, wondering why I do this to myself...and then two old friends walked in like 3 hours into the party. It was nice catching up with them....and celebrating the BIRTHDAY GIRL!!!
Miss Meliss sent in her grad school's official!! I'm so glad for her (1) to have a direction to head in, after all the decisions she had to make and (2) to have the stress of the application behind her. And now on to the GMAT...I"m sure she'll be fine!!

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