Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Long night....that started with Theresa calling to let me know that Lindsay was following in Cassie's footsteps, moving out with no plan, no job, no place to go so that she can be with a guy who can't even bother to plug into the family, who has cheated on her with her best friend, stole from her, used her nonstop since they met. All because he called CRYING on Christmas and she can't LIVE without him. Wonder how she's going to feel down the road. I can't imagine this ending well for her, and I hope that she KNOWS to the core of her being that home is always an option. After she spent all that time and energy judging Cassie and condemning her and telling us all what an idiot cassie was for doing it, she follows in her footsteps. Sheesh. Really disappointed...not surprised, just disappointed. And concerned for how Theresa is going handle it. I hope that she was taking notes after Cassie killed me moving out...and gets to church weekly, makes healthy friends, gets involved with groups to MAKE friends, finds ways to make those tough days great anyway (like Christmas here could have been a disaster, but it wasn't), etc. My heart goes out to her...nothing feels more cutting than to feel rejected by your own child and then to see them going down what we KNOW is a painful, destructive path that will bring them far short of their potential. Lord help them both!!
On the other niec-y front....well. What to day to the woman who can now take on the FL DMV and win...a far cry from the kid who wouldn't order Taco Bell without help. YEAH!! I don't know what I did to deserve such a great relationship with someone who I love, like and respect as much as I do her, but I am grateful.
OK, so today is a home day!! Hallelujah!! I just have to iron (I know...sounds so 50s) all those Old Navy shirts that I thought were a great idea. They look good on, but sheesh!!
I can hardly remember last evening..except I got my scrapbook stuff cleaned up and beat a Sudoku puzzle all by my lonesome!! LOL And Dori being shocked off her socks that I was up when she texted at 530 our she knows what I was like when not on Lexapro!! WOOHOO!!! Not to mention that Cindi "the genius" Goron put the piece of puzzle on why my shoulder was so bad...and since I"m off the L word...well, my shoulder is better. Thanks Cindi!!
New Years Resolution Check in:
2 books read
exercised on track, still need to incorporate weights
talking waaaayyyyy tooooo much on the phone (thereby meeting the friends/phone one)
totally on it for Bible study each morning...really feels fab!!
sucking at telling people I love them...what's that about???? Sheesh part 2
went out wtih Paul to a FABULOUS Mexican restaurant in R'ville. Cilantro. That's my date.
Does it count that we got in a fight on the way home and I cried...probably!!


Melissa said...

I love you too!! That little blurp about me (just assuming b/c of the super guns I had to use on the DMV it was about me) made me super happy!! Almost a tear. Maybe a whole paragraph devovted to your adoration of your niece and you'd get a river!!

Ger said...

Crackhead!! I could devote a whole paragragh to the fact you can't spell devote! And where the heck is the grad school revised version?? I"m waiting with baited breath.... ;)