Monday, January 8, 2007

in a word...

migraine. That was my day Sunday, by and large. Today, I'm feeling what I refer to as the migraine hangover. Literally, that is just how it feels to me. Add to that the Bears didn't play...well, just suffice it to say my day could have ended after I left church. And, honestly, service was amazing. Dana led worship and she has such an obvious heart for the Lord, I wish everyone could walk along side her and join in when she's up there at the piano. I feel blessed to know her...but even if I didn't she would bless me with her example.
I did, however, enjoy two amazing conversations...and let me tell you, one of my NY resolutions was to connect more by phone...and it's happening!! It's so easy for me to hide behind the email quickness, but there's something way more personal and engaging to an actual conversation. Seriously, like I have to REALIZE that?? Sheesh. Anyway, I couldn't believe it when I got off the phone and had spent an hour talking to Cindi...who, quite frankly, got bad advice from Melissa C (told her to call me on my cell, that I was always on it!! Not so missy!!) I just love both of those guys!! (really, gals!!) And then Sherrie called me LITERALLY as I was emailing her (think that was God holding me to my resolution, or WHAT??????)
I hope today is a better day for my head.
Here are the layouts I"m working on...the last of my unpictured the only one left and it's probably not going to happen today!!


Glenda said...

Sorry to hear about your migraine (and your "hangover")! Hope you feel much better by the end of today! :)

Carolyn said...

I used to get terrible migranes...the ones where I couldn't stand light, sound, even breathing and I always threw up. They came on suddently when I was in my mid-twenties and disappeared just as suddenly when I hit 35. Weird. In the last year I've started back with what I refer to as mini migranes. Much milder symptoms, but the same. I know how aweful they can be and know what you mean about the hangover feeling. I call mine the stupids. I'm not all there for a day or so afterwards. Sure hope you're back to you tomorrow.
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