Friday, January 12, 2007

what if my life were a sitcom?

or would it be a dramedy???? Well, last night GREY"S IS BACK!! WOOHOOOOO!!! Of course, I taped it and haven't watched it yet, but don't know if I can hold out for Paul till Saturday afternoon so I might just have to watch it DO NOT tell me what happened!! My little TV life viewing is ramping up to oh-so-happy!! Grey's last night, 24 on Sunday AND Monday, and then Heroes in a week or 2. Other than that, I just don't care. And, in case it skipped your notice, My beloved 24 starts on the day the Bears play the Seahawks...which historically is a good game (ie, we WIN!!!) and will give me braggin rights once again. Although to quote Brian Urlacher (google him if you don't know who he is!! DO NOT EVEN tell me you don't know) "we are the worse 13-3 team out there" LOL!! I just love him...on the field...not so much in real life, where we are STILL getting a blow by blow of his ugly paternity battle. Blech. Just keep it in your pants till your married and solve all our problems. Ok, 'nuff sounding like my mom!!
Chatted with Cassie was a pretty normal conversation. Sheesh,though, she is full of bluster and naivete. Still, I am grateful for a non-confrontational conversation...and she says Chris is treating her better...and then says "he doesn't even lick my whole face anymore" he ever should have. YUK!!!
Downer of the day: Didn't talk to Dori, after we set up an appointment. Don't'know if we'll ever connect!! Didn't talk to Judy *sniff*sniff*. Didn't talk to Melissa *waaah* She's probably all miss big pants getting ready to take on another major governmental organization. Well,more power to her. I can't even get Purple Heart Veterans to pick up my stuff...just watched them come down my DEAD END STREET, stop and turn around and not come to my house, which is the LAST on the this advanced geography???? And the poor woman wrote a LONG detailed note about how to get to the last house on the right of a dead end street and go to the back porch. And still...they couldn't quite make it work. SERIOUSLY!!!!
Dawn came over f0r a little tea yesterday...and her cutie patootie Gracie entertained me to death!! What a sweetie...I hope we can do it again...seemed so short!!
And...the end of my day, as it should always end. Kimberlee came over just to give me a present!! That was a super testimonial to LOOOOOOVE since it was a competing company's product. But I do LOOOOOOOVE it...and her!! LOL
And kicking butt on sudoku...again.
Mental note: do not eat puppy chow you dope!! You have low blood sugar. It will make you sick each and ever time. It will taste good going down and ruin your evening. It is not good...not good...not good!!
Good news...make up went on as intended today. No additional decor on my cheeks!!

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