Tuesday, January 16, 2007

do you ever just get sick of your muffies???

So I've been working out through the holidays, and totally behaved myself in the cookie world (well, except for that one unfortunate incident last Thursday). Been drinking water...been biking every single day...been going to bed pretty on time...and still...the muffies don't budge. I'm so discouraged. Really, what DOES it take???? I'll just keep on keeping on...eventually I'll melt away to my formerly fit self. Note to formerly fit, currently flabby self: STICK WITH IT WHEN YOU HIT YOUR GOAL YOU DOPE!!!!

Ok, so being a complete 24 JUNKIE...no really, my sissy LEFT at 659 (I didn't tell her to...she just did) and the three of us are all watching it. Paul told me that ABC news says there wold be water cooler talk with the big finish. So everyone thought it was Curtis (everyone being Paul and Joseph) being killed. Not me...there's a big dude killed every season...often at the beginning, just to keep us hanging....and THEN Mushroom cloud. Ok,that's a tune in next week thing. Can't imagine how they are going to work this season.

Ok, enough about that...I took a CKU-home class yesterday. It was good, and I like the finished project, but it wasn't like I learned anything new. Just focused me to do something besides chat in the SFYSroom. Still, I did 11 pages and one project toward my goal for the year...and finished another book...and did sudoku. All in all, a pretty good day.

And I am still chipping away at all those Christmas returns, much to Kimberlee's amazement. I hate doing returns. I only do it one hour an outing. All I have left is Joann's and Family Christian. I'm going to do them tomorrow with any luck...or really with any self discipline...which we all know i"m lacking sometimes.

And why are returns people so schizo??? The big returns...people were really nice. The little returns, you'd think I asked for THEIR charge cards. For Pete's sake!!

Finally caught up with Dori yesterday...and she PROMISED to watch the Bears with martini in hand (I hope that's a GOOD martini, not that nasty stuff she tried to force on me last Christmas)...and to go to ScrapShack...the joys of chatting and shopping and watching a game with a fan. Just doesn't get any better than that!! And it's 70 degrees there...I told Paul I was leaving my coat in the car and just wearing leather...oh MAN that is exciting in and of itself. I just hate flying and am already having those anxiety attacks I have to talk myself out of. Im sure it will be fine.

Have 18 people coming to my stampin up party...it's going to be FUN!! I already have my wish list...

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Rae said...

Took me a minute to figure out what "muffies" were LOL! Great blog and some wonderful pics of you and your friends.

Glad to have met you through DW2007.