Friday, January 26, 2007

feel like poopy

This virus is kickin my throat is sore (Melissa C got my one conversatin today) and I"m super tired...and runny nose and other ugly cold symptoms that do not need description.
And it's cold...19 with a windchill of colder. Really, is this necessary????
And Grey's made me cry AGAIN>>>this whole George's dad dying thing isn't working for me. But...oh the potential romances!! WOOHOO!!
Cassie finally got Internet again...yeah!! We are almost caught up on the last week... and there seems to be so much less drama in her life. Note that it's not that there is none. Just less. And she doesn't sound so burdened by life. I miss her sometimes so much it's physical...but she's got to go her own way, and I do understand that,but I never thought I'd be seeing her just once a month. It is heartbreaking to me...but that is how she wants it...everything and everyone is higher on the list than seeing us/me. Wahh.
So there was a tea lady at girlfriend night last night...I wish I would have been there. Sadly, I was home nursing myself all alone...sad, sad, sad.
Ok, this is a pathetic post. I"m gonna stop whining now.
Well, maybe one more whine. I tried to do the gmail chat thing. I CANNOT MAKE IT WORK AND IT'S TICKING ME OFF!! Now I'm done.


Carolyn said...

Hey Ger,
Hope you're feeling better. Yucky! I hate feeling like that, but even worse I hate when my kids feel like that. Take care of yourself and feel better soon.

Ger said...

thanks ifyou can help me make gmail chat work...we're all good!!