Thursday, January 11, 2007

the day of domestic Goddess

I don't really care if that's a word...that's what it was all about!! After not sleeping well at all, I just figured I"d get myself presentable for the day using the new powder make up Meliss hooked me up with...way easier, coverage is fabulous and it doesn't fade over the day. Of course, no one has bowed at my feet with admiration for my great look, but such is life. Not sure it's noticeable to others, but I like it alot more!!
Step one, fall out of bed...don't ask how. Not sure I could even explain. But I ended up almost face down in the (thanks God!!) privacy of an empty bedroom. Having a fat day, nothing looks good and I feel like a sausage in a too small stuffing case, no matter what I put on. Figuring if I just do my makeup, I won't have to look at myself any more today, I go about doing it. #1)moisturizer...splat all over the counter. Great (#2) powder...dump it on my hands when putting it in cap...this is not my first day with my hands, so I think it will get better. (#3) eyeshadow and liner. Ok. that went fine (#4) mascara...did you KNOW that you can perfectly recreate the mascara brush on your cheek by dropping it just right so it slides down your cheek??? Oh yes you can!! Back to step #2 to fix said mess after washing off the stripes (I was tempted to leave it on)
Moving on to bathroom toilets, one of my faves; then ironing till my shoulder gave out. Jacking around with yahoo to make it work...finally just gave up and went to make dinner...which was actually pretty good. More ironing. Found out Bush is talking tonight. Sheesh. Is it Monday and I just don't know it???? Cancel my plans for the night because I DO NOT want to be like this to my beloved stalkee Dana, and I have got to get this crap taken care of!!
Make return phone calls...thanks Birgit for making me laugh and totally changing my mood. But then Paul came home, we fuss at each other some more (why can't men just listen and respond instead of either shutting down or fixing it????) and off to choir he goes.
Edited my niece's masters program essay...still waiting to hear back. Scrapbook ZERO pages!!
Reading a book on Girls Nights Out...make me want to start one. Some of those groups have been going for 20 years!! What a great thing!!
Ok, the good thing...Theresa came over and we got to chat a bit. I exercised again. And I woke up 1.5 lbs lighter...not quite fitting in that sausage casing, but better I guess!! And I found what I think I can use for the shoebox swap I'm in...and Birgit and I are going to work on it together.
Found out I won a BIGSHOT on ebay...$50 cheaper, with shipping than anywhere else I can find it. Now to sell my sizzix machine.


Glenda said...

I know you probably weren't laughing when you were putting your make-up on, but you sure made me laugh reading about it. I love it! You are great!

Carolyn said...

Way to go! Enjoy your bigshot. I have one and need to get it out and use it more. I do love it though. I'm glad your day ended on a better note than it began.

You asked what class I'm taking? Thru Big Picture Scrapbooking, I'm taking "A Year to Remember" with Heidi Swapp. I am so excited about it.

I have like 10 challenges (exaggeration here, but that's what it feels like in my head)from that and a couple of other inspirations from varying groups (most of which branched off from the "Scrap From Your Stash". I'm psyched about digging into my stash again. It's been awhile for me.