Saturday, January 6, 2007

What is UP with that????

I don't know if my life has gotten more interesting since the first of the year, or I"m just more aware of it since beginning to journal again. But seriously, yesterday was jam packed with FUN, friends, family stuff and other, non-catergorizable events.
Since being weaned off my anti depressants (thank you LORD!!), I've been reverting back to my old, wake up int he morning self. I kept saying I thought it was the meds that made me sleep so much, but no one believed me but ME. Well, as usual, I humbly put forth that I was right about my own body. How empowering!! LOL Anyway, I"m freakin' up between 630-800 every single morning, much to Kimberlee's shock initially!! I remember when we met and she wasn't the morning person and then I wasn't and now Joseph isn't. Poor kid is still sick. He was so pathetic yesterday...but ended the day on the high note of a pepperoni hot pocket...not the obvious choice when being nauseated all day,but it must have worked with him.
I scrapped all my Christmas cards, some other pages I cant remember, realized that I had a freakin' mess under my desk (all the pix I put under there to file away...yeah, they multiplied and brought friends and had a party and left the mess. So now they are all properly containerized and ready to scrap...first layouts of the year I"m going to do.
I chatted online with all my pals who were new in 2006. What a blessing to have friends from all over that are sisters of my soul and crack me up and challenge me and just are fun. Yahoo sucks, quite frankly, with the whole chat room thing, but the option, I guess is an old fashioned party line call or not hanging in cyberspace with them...not really an option to me!!
Ate lunch with Paul...yummmy zucchini soup. Zucchini has a bad rap. Seriously, add a little cayenne and some cream cheese and VOILA fabuloso soup. Seriously good. Yummo. Too bad it's all gone now. I, in my 40's, have conquered making cream soups. Sheesh. Took long enough and its' pathetic how easy they are. Note, Sherrie, if you are reading this, that I will be GIVING you these recipes that i"m drooling over.
All that living and it was only noon...
Talked to Judy...sure miss her but we can cackle with the best of them...even long distance. Where would I be without friends who I can laugh with about my blubber and bad parenting and nasty attitudes that once again attack. Seattle seems like a lifetime away, until she picks up her free long distance phone and remembers to call my LANDLINE!!! Just goes to prove that sometimes good things come from stalking...true, deep, silly, beloved friends. So watch out if I tell you I'm going to stalk you (Dana!!), I don't give up easily and usually I think it really is a God ordained friendship...but seriously, why doesn't God have someone stalking me??? I think I"m pretty fab to be around...but no, He appointed me stalker and you guys stalkees.
Ok, so I started dinner, trying to be wife of the week (like Paul could trade me in...too many miles on my chassis!!) and threw in a potroast with cajun seasoning and turned it on low so it would be yummy...then got to talking with Jud and forgot all about it. It looked NASTY. But it tasted good, once I filtered out all the grease. I hate grease...hate it in food, hair, on my nose. Honestly, what purpose does grease have?
Had to process more realizations about Paul..but that's another blog for another day. I am so looking forward to the day when we can just BE and not unravel damage done from his addiction and how he handled it. That was my HOPE for 2007, but I guess it was a dream. So,now my updated hope: That God will continue to give me the grace necessary in the moment and strengthen my mind to ward off all those nasty little thoughts that invade at inopportune moments.
Cassie has a staph infection under her arm. She says it's quite common, but I'm not so sure about that. And she canceled us coming over on Sunday. I just feel pushed to the corners of her world, an inconvenient but necessary relationship for her. Just doesn't seem like her heart is in it much. Paul pointed out that she's like that in all relationships, but I guess I thought we'd be different. Sad to feel like we aren't. Sigh.
ANd then...I was blessed with an opportunity to be with a delightful friend from MOPS who spent the evening at our house talking...God is so good. He is so faithful. He keeps sticking us in each other's lives as a gift until we see the wrapping paper and open it. Amazing parallel lives we live...and she just cracks me up. And so, another day closes in the life of me...wonder what the weekend will bring!?!?!?

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Carolyn said...

Hi GeriAnn! Found your blog via your post and viola! I'm here for a visit. It's great fun to see the pics of you and family off to the side. Always fun to put a face with the chatting buddy on the other end.