Friday, March 23, 2007

tomorrow is Cassie's bday

and it got me to thinking what she wanted to be when she grew up:

first it was a dancer

then it was an actress, on Broadway

then it was a journalist

then an FBI hostage negotiator

When I was little, I wanted to be a veterinarian, a pediatrician, and then an accountant.

But now that I am physically grown up (no comments on the mentally or emotionally part!!)

I want to be...

A woman after God's own heart

A loving wife - ready and able to support,encourage and walk along side Paul without taking his struggles personally

A loving mother - especially as the kids go out into the world and make decisions I don't agree with...that they would always know, above all, that I love them with a fierceness that words can't describe...that I value their lives in mine...that I consider them a gift from God

A willing tool for Christ - a woman who can show others the way to the complete restoration and healing that can only come through Him. Especially after last night's discussion, I realize again how faithful God has been to healing my heart and restoring my soul...if all I can do is tell my story as a story of hope, I pray that i have the courage to do that!!

An intense prayer warrior I don't want to say "I'll pray" and then flake it...I want to PUSH!!

A maker of disciples whether this is family or friends, or people that God just places in my how I live, talk, relate, showing the way toward Christ? Or am I a stumbling block?

A calm source of wisdom and advice that others feel comfortable seeking out. Someone told me today I"m a magnet for chaos...but then another countered with "there are some people who invite confidences". I hope that when people in my life trust me enough to share their stories, that I honor that trust with wisdom and gentleness.

Better....I never want to be content where I am. I want to continually improve and I want to know when it's the season to rest and let it all sift down into my soul.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVED your blog today Geriann!!!!
I was so inspired by it!!!
Thank you so much. It really was very good!!!
Happy Birthday Cassie (today 3-24-07) and Happy Mommy day Geriann!!!
love you,