Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I'm wondering...

I got an email today explaining how to, and I QUOTE, "healthify" macaroni and cheese. I'm wondering if: healthify is a word; and why would you want to healthify a comfort food. Isn't that the whole point of comfort food? That is ISN'T good for you????

Wondering if everyone else had as much fun as I did on Saturday night....

Wondering how in the world Sherrie can weigh EXACTLY what I weigh and look so freakin' good.

Wondering who will win American Idol

Wondering how long the war in Iraq will last, and how many will die

I wonder how REALLY unhealthy a Portillo's chili dog is. Doesn't bode well that they won't release the nutritional information, if you ask me...

I wonder what my life would have been like if I had the six kids that I wanted...

I wonder what I'll look like at 60.

I wonder how Joseph's school pix will come out, now that I finally got around to setting up a sitting...sigh...there goes my Mother of the Year award

I wonder if all this freakin' biking and walking will ultimately firm up my thighs

I wonder if I will EVER be able to balance on that ball

Wonder how Lindsey is doing with her mono

Wonder if Dori is going to survive, thrive, or break. Big, sad sigh

Wonder if I will be a complete freak again this March 19th or if I've learned to deal a little better

Will the Bears win the SuperBowl with them trading off the good guys

and wonder why nobody told me Hester and Vasher were going to be in New Lenox. Surely SOMEONE knew

I wonder if people see me as an optimist or pessimist...because the other day, I said something about a glass and said "half full" and the person I was with commented on how I said half full, but I didn't even realize I said it...I must see it as half full all the time (or at least most of the time)

I wonder if people leave my house happier than when they came, or at least feeling like they had some moments of kindness, laughter or peace.

I wonder what color I should paint my toenails...all suggestions are welcome. Well, all but black. That's just not even an option with these white legs.

I wonder what my grandfather's voice sounded like.

Wonder when I'll get to fly out of here again...

Wonder what I'd look like with a REAL tan...the kind that normal people with pigment in their skin get.

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