Saturday, March 17, 2007

happy st patricks day...

so...St Patrick's of the few "holidays" we celebrated as a family. It helps me track when I had my appendix out,because the day I came home was St Patty's Day and everyone ate corned beef but me. Sigh. So, it must have been March that I got that bad boy taken out, huh?

It's also the day, 23 years ago (Paul might think 24, but I don't think so), that Paul and I hooked up. We were friends, and went down to take Sam (another friend) back to school after spring break. Drank like idiots (me, more than most, on the idiot behavior part) and went back to the apt. we were all staying at. Paul and I had had this freaky chemistry thing going on, but didn't want to "ruin" our friendship with trying a deeper relationship. So...nothing like drinking to forget your reasons for not doing something!! LOL. I wouldn't recommend that to all, but it obviously worked out for us.

So here's my reasoning on 23 years. We've been married 21, we were engaged for a year (that's 22) and we were dating from March till September. Got engaged 9/84 (Labor Day a bar...seems to be a theme in our life those days) So, that would make it 3/84 we hooked up. 2007 minus 1984....what is that? 23. That's my story and I"m sticking to it!!

Man, we were such babies then...don't even have pix that go back that far. Paul still had blonde hair and no beard. I had pony tails and a perm, contacts and no stretchmarks!! LOL
God has certainly brought us far and taught us much in these years since...not the least of which is don't go bar hopping!! LOL

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