Monday, March 12, 2007

COnfession IS good for the soul???

Here are a few of mine -
I am a pet person....married to a guy who is NOT. I really want a pet, a cat to be it's the cats on my guest room border for now.

I hate watching movies more than once. There are very few movies that I have seen over and over - Sixth Sense, 7th Sign, John Q and Remember the Titans is about it.

On the other hand...I forget movies that I've seen and can watch them THREE times before I remember seeing them...Pelican Brief is one of those. Paul sat through it at least three times before I remembered watching it.

But I can see ONE PART OF ONE SCENE on a TV show and know what it is. Freaky.

I'm scared to death, as in paralyzingly afraid of the dark. I will stand completely still until there is a light somewhere to focus on.

I still sleep with my blankie. I need that binding. Ok, maybe not need, but I doooo love it.

I do not crave sweets - candy, chocolate... except that one day or two a month. Then I could eat a whole sleeve of girl scout cookies or bags and bags of M&Ms.

I'm beginning to have arm definition...still got the wobbles on the bottom, but there's less of them.

I've colored my hair consistently since I was 24 and pregnant with Cassie...DO NOT tell me how bad it is for you...too late now!! LOL

I hate the sound of someone biting their nails...nibbling their finger tips.

I moved every year between 5th grade and senior year of high school.

I love rock music...AC/DC, Prince, and whatever Joseph listens to

I also love country...sort of...

I blew a speaker in my car listening to music too loud...THIS WEEK. I dont think I'll ever out grow it.

I get bored easily...

I neglect my feet in the winter...and shape them up in March for my sling backs and flip flops

No one sees my toes from about October till March, and only if it's a warm feet get too cold.

I dont like beer...none of it

Wine makes me gag.

I love road trips...until my butt goes numb

I didn't know Joe's Crab Shack was a franchise

I love Chick-Fil-A's sweet tea. YUMMO!!

I say I'm Irish, but my grandma adopted my dad, so the one nationality I claim is actually what I AM NOT!! LOL

I don't get along with my mom...and it makes me sad when people talk about how much they love their mom and couldn't go without talking to her

I LOVE my nieces...all of them...they are all so funny in a different way!!

I'm very competitive

I hate my voice

but love my laugh

I have monsters living in my tummy...

I love chocolate dipped ice cream cones filled with chocolate chunk ice cream, even though it totally makes me sick.

My mom's family came over on the Mayflower

I dated 2 guys with mob ties...then wised up and left the italians for a german!!

I love the Godfather

and hairy chests...but not too hairy. Not rug hairy. Just a smattering of hair. A respectable amount is fine.

I wish I could sing.

I want a flat stomach!!

And on that confession is done


Melissa said...

THAT WAS THE FUNNIEST BLOG EVER!!!! Every time i read one of these and i laugh out loud, i just thank god that I've had soo much time spent with you that I feel like I know you soo well. I love that I"m so close to you and jofee and getting closer w/ UP. I especially laughed about the monsters in your tummy...b/c you do!! and I loved the blown speaker...I feel like I should print these off and just look at them when I need a laugh!!


Ger said...

As well you should you know all the back stories!! Just goes to show that even at 43 you can still have a modicom of coolness mixed in with the monsters!! Love ya baby!!