Friday, March 16, 2007

I had a big mac

last ironic is that???


I did have Comfort and JOy last night, which was nice but very empty. Too was all about how to be in relationships. Took tons of to just apply them to my life!! Respect, respect, respect. That's the theme...respect your husbands, your boss, the call on your life as a Chrstian to look different than the rest of the world.

Paul's breathing machine broke...well, more accurately burned a hole in itself that probably could start a fire. Good thing it was him and not me, I probably wouldn't have noticed it. He notices little things like that (and it was like 1/4" by 1/4")...not me. He hung my "Bear Fan Parking" sign...and I didn't even notice. Maybe that's why I hit the garage wall so much...I don't LOOOK at it when I'm pulling in. LOL

So I go to put on my shirt today and stick my finger right through the armpit. NOw, I know I've been lifting weights, but COME ON!! I"m not THAAAAAAAAT strong!! Sigh. Out ocmes the sewing machine.

AND>>>>>>>>big news here for short peeps!!!! (Ignore this Meliss!!) I found pants at PENNEYS that fit those of us that need a 30" inseam. Most petites are 29" but I need that extra inch for my fabulously long petite legs...I'm so happy because I got the dark blue dress pants that I"ve wanted. YEAH!! No Erkels here...

Joseph got his pix taken yesterday...stylin'. Again at Penneys. He's just amazing to me... how much he's growing and how much he looks like Paul. If he had blonde hair, with the mannerism and everything, I'd be in a freak out all the time. Dana says Brennan is the same way...weird how we produce kids who don't even need our genetic makeup to come into adulthood. At least she's got the girls who look like her!! I got the "I have a blind son"..he got my eyes. That's it. And just the crappy vision, not the color or shape!! LOL


yippe, skippee news. happy news...celebratory news....good for all your hard work geriann news....

I have lost 7.5" off my body!! and am on the brink of breaking into the next poundage segment!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO close!!


here's my five for today....

SUNSHINE!!! YEAH!! It may be cold, but at least it's not grey!!

SCRAPPING!!! Online crop for the weekend...getting ready to laugh out loud!!!

SLEEPING IN!!! I got up at 840, which is like a two hour sleep in for me!!

Cassie's meeting with the priest went well...she found out he's pretty likable

Running into Olga Martinez at the mall...I just love her...


Melissa said...

I was LAUGHING OUT LOUD WITH THE LAST 2 posts!!! You and up "hooking" up...I will NEVER ever hold back from telling you things again b/c you are not as innocent as I once thought.

2-the Penny's thing made me laugh..but the armpit he-woman bit made me litterally LOL. Look at what all the weightlifting does for you :-) CONGRATS on the FINALLY loosing something on your body. That has to be encouraging!!!!

I just love this blog. I feel like I get a dose of "ag" at my fingertips whenever I need to. When are you coming to visit??

Ger said...

Glad to be of service, on so many levels!! secret's out. I had a slightly not so innocent life before you came around, eh? And you know, you ASSUME that hooking up means the same thing to me as it does to you... I"ll leave you wondering there missy!!

2--No freakin kidding!! I have the uberwoman finger strength from all my blogging and texting. I"m telling you WHAT!! Finally!! No to lose that flabdomen.

I love knowing that you read it... it makes me feel like you are not a half a continent away...and...I don't know. Email me those dates again. Sigh. ALzheimer's setting in!! Smooches there missy!!