Monday, May 3, 2010

5 Things I love

So I was challenged to come up with five things I love, other than the obvious.

1) I love this picture. I scrapped it today. I got it repritned at Snapfish in 8x10 and the entire page is "the three girls". I was an overlapping member of the three girls and "the three little ones". The ultimate middle child, I guess.
2) I love the smell of lilacs. I literally stop in my tracks when I smell them, trying to find hte source if I can't see it immediately.
3) I love diet Cherry pepsi. It's my current favorite pop.
4) I love uplifting messages.
Heard one at this morning. The May 2nd one. It made me glad I've stuck out the last five years.
5) I love my hair straightener. LOL. But really I do. It's 2", it gets super hot and doesn't damage my hair. It's a purple bedhead brand.

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