Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A layout and a Check in on resolutions

I could have sworn I posted my resolutions here, but I can't find that here they are, along with a check in point
Here are my new year's resolutions.
  • Organizing Clean out the basement. Finish purging and get it to Goodwill by 3/1
    • Basement done; scrapbook supplies not even planned on done so they can be donated to Leeza's place. ALL my scrapping supplies are now in my scrapping room and everyone who ever buys stuff for me knows NOT TO GET ME ANY MORE!!
  • Financial Pay off bills. Keep chipping away and no travel plan probably for another year. Sucky but effective. Get at least 3 medical bills paid off and continue to live on cash.
    • Paid off Berkeley, Phillips and one hospital bill. Paid off Discover, Carsons, Old Navy. Now just have the two whoppers. Still on cash. Change to travel plan because we got a ridiculous tax refund!
  • Treat myself Get a pedicure in May, July, September. See 10 movies, and read 12 books
    • Haven't seen any movies since Christmas; have read 4 books; also got a pedicure but that got ruined when I put on my shoes!! LOL
  • Stay in Touch Call Mondays-Judy on the way to work; Melissa on the way home. Thursdays-Michelle. Lunch with Lauren once a month, hang out with Cassie 2x/month Go to Scrap Cabana crops with Theresa
    • Calls are working really well; spent time with Cassie yesterday and definitely are seeing her, in general, a couple times a month. Next crop is in 2 weeks!!
  • Give time Continue to volunteer at the Bin, work with small groups and SW office. Step away from RFKC.
    • Stepped away from the Bin, still doing small groups (not sure how long it will last though...they seem to be fizzling) and SW office work is getting more and more. Feel like I'm approaching balance in this area.
  • Health Be aware of what goes in my mouth; stay on eating plan; work out 30 minutes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays
    • Getting really good at eating...still not enough but the stuff I am is the right stuff. Still not working out. Definitely have to move it up my priority list.
  • Scrapping 365 pages, 12 projects from the tower o'projects and get my pages in albums immediately. Focus on Joseph and Cassie at Scrap Cabana crops.
    • Have 110 pages done, 6 projects done (not from the tower o'projects though) and am looking at a box of pages that need to get in album before I go to my next crop.
  • Spiritual Read through the NT this year. Be aware of what is coming out of my mouth..especially when I'm frustrated!
    • So much better mouthwise; am struggling with the NT but am steadily reading. I think I'm a month least that's how it feels to me!!
  • Marriage Be intentional with Paul…not sure what this is going to look like in action, but something needs to change!!
    • Kinda funny but this is great. I've completely let go of expectations with him (which is, I think,  why everything else is so disappointment isn't draining my energy) We're getting along, for now, very well. I'm learning to live in the moment better and better.

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