Monday, May 17, 2010

Marriage Monday

Paul and I seem to be at a place we can both live with. We are enjoying each other's company alot more than in the past 5 years; we forgive and move on quickly (good thing after that Mother's Day thing!! LOL) and we can talk about things without having fights.
Case in point...he's being very, cards, dates. I love every minute of them. And yet, little intimacy. Lots of I like you moments but nothing of what is going on in his life or his heart. So I talked to him about it again, for about the 10th time this month, and asked him what's going on. He listened. He responded. Now to see if he acts.
We went to see Robin Hood last night. GREAT movie!! It's worth full price, especially if you're a history lover like me. Two and a half hours of history. I'll definitely see it again. It was great to just be walking in the mall and decide to see what time movies were and be able to go...
He kissed me in church yesterday. And I let him. Maybe we are finding our way back. I pray we are, and honestly, fear that we aren't. That this is just a blip and things will go back. For today, I choose to reject fear and go with faith. Healing is happening. And healing takes time.

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