Thursday, May 20, 2010

13 Thursday

I'm going to be chilling at my desk today, so I thought I'd do a desk themed blog. I'm cutting out 250 lightbulb doorhangers for our church...needed this Sunday!! Crazy...

13 things that are around my desk:

1. Bears notepad

2. Pier One coffee cup with tea and peppermint creamer

3. Jacked up blackberry still waiting for my trackball

4. light blue CM pen

5. labelmaker

6. insurance forms waiting to be submitted (forgot the website to download them from!)

7. Quote rolodex with tons of quotes to be put in there

8. cricut

9. camera

10. timer to keep me on task for computer (read: Facebook) time

11. gratitude journal

12. Project Life 2010 Scrapbook

13. bowl with yummy waffles

1 comment:

Christina said...

Your room is purple so jealous!