Friday, December 18, 2009

My beautiful, talented, persistant niece

has walked across the stage. She has graduated with her MBA...and it was hard for her. Working full time in a state that she didn't and doesn't want to live in. Going to school part time and getting slammed with projects every weekend. Making presentations in a state of anxiety/near panic sometimes. Taking accounting classes and surviving.
And I missed it. I was there for her 3 year old recital. There for her 13th birthday. There for her marching band. There to watch her direct. There to watch her graduate high school. There to help her organize her closet (ok, multiple times!!) And, this her last foray for education, I sit here in IL while she is in (what I hear is) rainy Florida. Her friend promised he'd take pix and even video...he BETTER!!
I'm so proud of her...and the only people who really know how difficult this accomplishment is are the people who worked their way through school. Well, and Lindsey Nolan who also had the gift of mono in the middle of a school year.
Now on to living the life she's been preparing for...hopefully in lovely Chi-town!!
Congratulations amaze me and make me tear up with pride and happiness.

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