Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The 10 days of Christmas

So...I almost pooped when I realized that today is the 15th. I have NOTHING done for Christmas but the shopping. And I'll be getting slammed at work next week because it's a short week AND we have two services to prepare and a bulk mailing to get out on Monday. Guess I didn't pick a great week to take off...I told Paul I don't think there's ever a good week for me to take off. Doesn't lessen the guilty feeling!! Like I'm letting them down or something...making things harder for them.
I need to plan, so I"m doing it here. This is really hard to do now that I realize Paul has once again failed to communicate ANY of his plans for the next week. Which normally wouldn't matter but he mentioned a trans job that will literally take him out for the whole weekend if he decided to do it. GRRRRR
(T)15th-wrap Paul's presents, sort through all the others and determine what needs to be done. Start laundry. Call Kimberlee about picking up card stuff; call Meesh back; call Joe. Put up tree tonight.
(W)16th-send out Christmas cards that are already made. Dry run the stockings. The Bin.
(R)17th-make dinner for girls. Finish laundry.  Wrap SS gift and girls gifts. Get stuff out to make cards with them. Girl's Christmas party.
(F)18th-plan meals for Christmas and the 26th. Shopping list.
(S)19th-wrap college group gifts. Make cookies possibly?
(Su)20th-college group Christmas party followed by watching the Warriors.
(M)21st-work.  Probably a long day.  Assuming Paul has off so he can make cookies if they don't get done on Sat.
(T)22nd-wrap presents either with Paul or without him. I want them under the tree by tonight. Call Theresa to confirm the 26th and see what she's doing the afternoon of the 25th. See what Cassie is doing on Christmas proper.
(W)23rd-work, Bin Christmas party. Whole day is pretty shot. Reminder texts to family about the 26th.
(R)24th-1:00 Christmas Eve service. Would love to drive around and see the lights at night.
(F)25th-up in the air. Christmas dinner for 2. Joseph is assuming he's working at 10 and then going straight to Lauren's. We literally won't see him. Really sad about this. Get that he wants to spend time with her, and it's her bday. He'll be with her the entire night before for her family Christmas. Guess I better get used to this.
(S)26th-family game day. Making chili in the crockpot. Need another meal for the other crockpot.  Think there will be 12-ish adults.

Now that I've thought it out, it doesn't seem so overwhelming at all. But I feel like I'm forgetting stuff...

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