Wednesday, December 23, 2009

ice storm here...

so I stayed inside all day!! Ok, I went to the mailbox, which was frozen shut. I chipped it open to put a POSTCARD inside!! LOL
Got all my presents wrapped except Ronnie's big one...need some man help with that one. There's a problem with wrapping when you have ghetto paper (on clearance last year...I hate that you can't open up paper to see how thick it is!!) and crappy tape. It rips. I ended up using packing tape on some of the more challenging gifts. GHEEETTTOOOO!!! Like anyone's gonna notice when they are ripping into them Christmas morning!!
I went looking for a picture of Cassie and Chris as a family from 2009...found 2, neither of which were good. Made me really pause and think how often Chris is not a participant in family things. We literally have more pictures of ANY of Patrick's or Lindsay's exes than we do of Chris...much less Chris, Cassie and Ronnie.
Continuing on in the melancholy tone, my mom friended Melissa today on FB. She has 11 friends. At least she's got a profile picture now. I'm not even sure why that makes me melancholy...well, ok, I do. Her friends consist of: her daughter's ex-husband who we all hate; her new son in law's ex-wife who spends more time suing for ridiculous support issues than she does anything else; and her "granddaughter" who has let it be known for YEARS that we don't make the cut. I find it sad that she is so isolated, but then am reminded that she chooses this lifestyle. I would find it unbearably lonely not to be in touch with my family.
Got my cookies all ready to bake with Cassie and Lindsay tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it...I realize that doing stuff at my own pace, without the pressure I feel from Paul, I enjoy it alot and it still all gets done. He's done nothing for Christmas this year...wanted me to wait until Christmas Eve to start anything so he wouldn't miss it all. GOODNESS NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I've been making gifts, doin cards, sorting things and wrapping, shipping packages, making lists and checking them twice (or more) and would hate it if this was all done tomorrow after 4, when he'd be home and ready to get started. I am saving a batch of cookies to make with him, and he's still going to have to wrap my presents (and probably buy them!! LOL), so he gets it all on a smaller scale and I get to feel like I'm not stressing and waiting...
Tomorrow we have 1:30 service for church. Also looking forward to that, while at the same time, afraid I'm going to forget. Shoot. I just realized I have the girls coming for cookies about an hour before church starts. Hmmm...gotta figure that one out. Maybe they will want to come to church with me. Gotta text that one!
I need another crockpot. I wish the crockpot fairy would come and deliver one to my door. I'm sure we'll work it out...but I'd rather have all my little crockpot soldiers lined up on the counter and me not have to think AT ALL!! Well, I've minimized the need to think and that's the best I can do.

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