Saturday, December 19, 2009

Busy little elf here!!

I've gotten all my Christmas cards out…did some by email; did some by snail mail. Decided to not do some at all!! This is the collage picture I sent, with captions…

  1. Went to a Bears game for my birthday
  2. Ronnie was endlessly entertaining
  3. Joseph and Lauren JUST got engaged
  4. We got to spend a lot of time with Cassie and Chris

It was super hard to print them the size I wanted, so I ended up printing them at home. Even better…saved money!!

Then went to make up long awaited recipe cards for the girlies…only to realize I have NO IDEA what size cards they need. We made recipe boxes last year, but they took them home and neither of them know what size. So I've picked the recipes and pasted them into word…now to format them into the proper size when one of them get the size to me.

Got all of Paul's gifts wrapped (all three of them!! LOL) and figured out that his stocking is gonna be far from overflowing this year. But, I stuck to the budget and I'm sure that gift will mean more than the candy his waistline doesn't need. Also got the girls stuff wrapped and shipped in time for Christmas arrival. Now to see if old Heath lane management office is timely in the announcing of packages. They are not always timely…

I'm trying to figure out what to make for dinner. I had a successful foray into yummy healthy eating for Thanksgiving, but Christmas is EVEN harder!! I'm at 4 hours of research and counting!! Ugh.

It's snowing here…with Christmas carols playing and a warm up of tea in my "Let it snow" mug, it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…especially in the Christmas central room!!

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