Saturday, September 29, 2007

What a crazy week..

it was so insane that I actually passed on scrapping last night just to stay home. It all started last week with a church meeting. Then a Bears loss. Bible study, book discussion, lunch, niece and daughter visits, baby showers, MOPS, Soul Sisters...and 2 trips to Target, 1 stop to return things at Old Navy, 1 trip to the bread store, 2 runs up to the mall...laundry, cleaning, making food. Yep. Glad that week is OVER!!

The best part of the week? Well, it was seeing pix of our grandson to be...and the long, meandering talk Cassie and I were able to have on Thursday. You can really see his head and tummy in the top picture!!

Now for this week: Rex on the bench. Cubs in the playoffs (that's for all my friends who love the wrong bear) Yep. Hopefully a GOOOOD week in store!!


Shari said...

Oh, how precious is that picture. How sweet. Nice to have long talks with the kids too. I love when Mike wants to talk to me and vent or just chat. Your week was just crazy. Please tell me what vitamins you take........or are you running on a wing and a prayer! How do you get so much done!!! Tell me your secret! Have a great week and take a breath.

Carolyn said...

Whoa! Busy week. I was huffing and puffing thinking it was all in a day. I was so happy to realize I was wrong. Not often I'm happy to be wrong. LOL