Saturday, September 8, 2007

Work, work, work...

My latest layout...and I'm "tada!!!" done with Meesh's graduation album. And speaking of done..

Got my albums done. Yeah!! They are all lined up and I'm way more plugged in on what pictures I've done and what ones I haven't. And I've done ALOT!! Some pictures I've done twice. Sheesh. Like I don't have enough to do that I'm double dipping!!

Went to Theresa's today and packed up Lindsay's room and purged Theresa's kitchen. WOOHOO!!! I love doing that stuff. Seriously love it. But I forgot how exhausting it is...And she made a huge effort to get rid of a boat load of stuff before moving it. I'm fairly certain that there will be more on the other end, but a huge dent has been made.

And...started taking an online scrapping class called Choosing Joy. It's 8 weeks and the first week I was to make a binder and journal on some "stressors" and what makes me laugh. I'm supposed to include pix of myself and, once again, I find myself not having what I need. Sigh.
For the cover of the binder, I took ribbons strips and lined the left side, used rubons to make "joy" and stickers to spell "choose". The center of the flower is just a green circle with my initial stamped on it.
This is the inside cover. I used a couple of Stampin Up kits to make a book plate with my name and the date/time I started the book. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, but I might have to add some sparkle to it tomorrow.
This book will be entirely created out of my stash. That excites me almost as much as the book. And it will be my 21st project completed this year.
Pulled out the stuff to start BBG on Monday. Then had a burrito for dinner. Probably not on the plan!! LOL

Tomorrow...Bears opening game. YIPEE or is it YIPPEE????

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judy said...

It is so great to be able to see your work! You are soooo talented. Choose Joy! Wow! I think I'll make that my life motto. Scott and I will be starting BBG on 9/24 so I might be able to do the accountablility thing if all goes well. We will be in Fla. for 1 week (PTL) and will need it despirately need it and fast. Have a great week! Miss ya!