Thursday, June 21, 2007

working still does...

work!! Even a little bit at a time. I've spent the last two days in concerted efforts at digging out my office and basement. The basement is an annual rite of passage into summer (just ask my kids!!), so that was a no brainer. But I hadn't done ANYTHING to maintain my office in like a month, and it really showed!
So....after 2 hours in the basement: I found two pair of shoes I bought and stuck down there for this summer (YIPPEE!! New shoes and they're free!!) and two pair of earrings (red danglers and big black hoops); I consolidated my unfinished projects and toted off Paul's car FULL of goodwill yummies. I repacked Cassie's stuff that was left out the last time she was here and wanted to find something. I unpacked my scrapbooks that I ordered on the internet and found a few mini albums for my lovelies to receive for gifts. You get the idea. It was two hours of sweating and moving and finding and sorting. I brought over a bag of wiffle balls, a HUGE bag of colored pencils and cards for our church groups. Yeah!! I love passing things on to someone who can use them...and we've definitely outgrown those things. Sigh.
And my office...well, it's all cleaned up and ready to go for my weekend crop this weekend. I even have an overflow bag at the ready.
So my plan for tomorrow is:
Get up early and walk for an hour
Take a shower and get in some comfy clothes
Scrap from 10-345
Get my hair cut at 4 and go right from there to a crop with Michelle, Judy and Kimberlee (go Shimmer Sistas!!)
Come home and crop some more if I'm up for it.
Otherwise, go to bed and start it all again on Saturday.

My goal for the weekend is to finish my unfinished cards from the swap, get my circle journal things done, and get started on Meesh's graduation album. A lofty goal, but a goodie!!
And should I fail, here's what I'm gonna tell myself:
Goals are stars to steer by, not sticks to beat yourself with...Barbara B Smith said that. She obviously had children.

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