Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Dori's gone

seems like such a quick visit. We crammed in an awful lot while she was here. Practically everything on her to do list was accomplished, including a bonus trip to Oberweis for ice cream. Shopping, talking, having a cup of (tea/coffee) and martini's together...all the makings of a good trip!! How could I forget the required chick flick since the Bears aren't playing??? And laughing last night over our rained out barbecue and off she goes till July/August. Sigh.

Turns out the Kelly concert cancellation wasn't an all bad thing, since the tickets we thought were purchased were actually forgotten!! Imagine getting plane tix to fly down there to NOT see Kelly. Sigh part 2.

And still trying to get ahold of Cassie. Sigh part 3.

Normal life begins again for 10 days. Then Meesh comes for 3 weeks or so!!

A blog worthy story: Paul and I have been together off and on for 28 years. That would be, for those of you doing the math, from my 16th birthday on. In fact, our first kiss was the Saturday before my 16th bday. We went to see Rocky with a group of my friends, out for a make your own sundae and back to my parent's house. He kissed me when we were outside and he was getting ready to leave. I TOTALLY remember it. He does not. So he remembers this conversation we had about him kissing me the saturday before my bday, goes on line and checks a perpetual calendar website (which for him is the HUGEST THING!! He is totally computer illiterate!!) and makes me this giant kiss, fills it with lip balm and 28 kisses. Makes a little pull tag with a sweet note... But it's a week early. We kissed the saturday before my bday...that would be the 23rd. SO I"m thinking I"m going to get him one of those big hollow hershey kisses for the 23rd...and make a mental that in the year 2009, we will be kissing for 30 years. Man I feel old. Seriously old.

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