Saturday, June 2, 2007

It's nice to have

a normalish day...and things are back to a rhythm here. Laundry done, dinner being cooked, phone calls getting returned.
And thanks to my niece's bad influenced, I"m not totally hooked on Prison Break. Wow. It's as compelling as 24 USED to be. Had to remind myself to breathe a few times in the last 2 episodes. Good thing I watched them on DVD. Now to wait for the second season. Great fake tattoos too.
FInally caught up with Cassie. She's a hard chicita to get ahold of. She said she got her hair cut up to her shoulders to get rid of all the split ends. ANd that she loves it. It curls even. No one I know has better hair than her!!
Joseph made it to FL. Two full days of driving and no xbox. None of the power converters worked. One of life's little ironies!! I hope he has fun. I hope he packed everything. I guess we'll all find out when he gets home.
And...I have a facebook now. So funny. Great way to share pix with people...and with some of my favorites to boot.
Had a little closing party for MOPS last night, at Lynda's She's a great hostess. And the food was fabulous...even at 1:30, cold.
Tomorrow, my girls night out that caused so freakin' much controversy. I'm looking forward to hanging with Judy and everyone else...and eating Mexican food. Yummy.
Peonies are in full bloom...cicadas still haven't shown up. Cowards. IL intimidates them. I know it. They're gonna skip right over us and hit Indiana. Ok by me. Nothing more disgusting than the crunch crunch crunch of them under my feet. Ewwwwww...
Was supposed to crop today. I and then on the phone.
And I have 10 great nails...well, 20 if you count my pedicured toes!! I love this time of year: warm enough to be barefoot; not so hot I can't breathe.'s a good day for me.
I hope it was for you too!!


Coffee_Cassie said...

Come out here and meet some of OUR cicadas. I seriously can't walk under a tree without stepping on one, or the shell of one. It's annoying as all get-out. I've been thinking alot about what was said last night. I first saw Chris today at 8:00, and still haven't said "I love you". I think this is the longest I've gone with having the opportunity to say it, and not saying it.

Shari Schulz said...

MY SIL lives near Brookfield Zoo and she said the cicadas are coming in her doors and windows and they are every where. Ick! Hope your Mexican food was yummy! See ya Sat. Shari