Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Every story told from every person, when told with complete and raw honesty, gently removes the masks that cause us to believe that we are completely different from each other.

I ran across this quote today. One of my favorite things to experience is the dropping of the mask. and then watching or being that person who is accepted, beneath the mask. Love and responded to and heard.

We rush through life so much, running to achieve, accumulate, act. But the best parts of life for me are the quieter times. Popcorn and a movie, sitting on the swing in my backyard with a friend, talking, dreaming, drinking a cup of tea. Playing cards or dominoes with people I love. Being asked a question and having time to think and respond.

I think in the end, we are all so very much the same. Wanting to be seen and heard. Wanting to be wanted and missed when we're gone. Wanting to be respected, not only for what we do, but who we are. Wanting acceptance and love and tenderness.

Life is too short to wear a mask through it. Of course there are appropriate times for not blabbing your whole life to everyone you meet. Discretion is important, I've learned these last few years. Not just for me, but for the other people who are in the story and for those listening. Some people can't help but repeat what they've heard to others. Sad as that is, it's true. But in the end, we were not created IN isolation or FOR isolation.

And, on another note, my 5 for today:
I worked out...and did upper body strength too

I found not one but two bags from Archiver's when I was cleaning the basement. Embarrassing, since I think they've been down there over a year. Still a thing I'm grateful for.
I met my goals for the day: 1 hour in the basement, 1 hour in the office, cleaned 4 drawers and labelled the unlabelled things, wrote my nephew an email.
Wednesday night class tonight. I can't wait!!

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