Friday, June 15, 2007

kelly...what the heck are you doing???

I'm up obnoxiously early (like 5:45) because SOMEONE (ie, Paul) left the bathroom door open and the laser beam known as the sun was in my eyes. Ugh.


Kelly Clarkson cancelled her summer concert series. That would be she cancelled MY summer ending weekend with my niece to (1) celebrate her bday and (2) to go to the Kelly concert.

I'm bitter. No really. I am.
NO VIP room. No tornadic activity. Sigh.
I guess I don't need to dig out the red blanket to recreate our vip room from last year.

I"m off to walk, drink tea and shop at the Promenade with Dor...maybe that will dull the pain!!


Melissa said...

I wore black in honor of our canceled concert. Really..i am that distraught. There is just nothing that will fix this big huge suck-o birthday present.... Bring the red blanket for graduation...and we can still re-create it..and i'l have much better hair. Love you loads. I'll call on the way to my exam tomorrow at 4:30 my time. Please don't make plans. I'm tired of hearing about your "new red phone..summer vacations..blah-de-blah" :-) LOVE YA

Coffee_Cassie said...

*sigh* Darn Kelly... what was she thinking, ruining your summer bash? Speaking of Taste of Chi-town, is it the whole week leading up to the 4th, or just the weekend? I can't remember. Looking forward to G.N.O!!!

Lynda said...

Ger, what is this?
Tell me about it please....
"Elisa Fannigans 52 Challanges"