Wednesday, May 2, 2007

the timetable of an insane day...

Ok, so I get up "early" to get some things done before this meeting I was praying for...

5:52: Wake up on my own (how sick is that????) My eyes just pop open like a cartoon and that's all she wrote on the sleep plan

7:00: Finish my morning routine of getting dressed, making my bed, etc.

7:30: Eat breakfast, quiet time (mercifully...that was the only quiet time in my day)

8:00: Quick email check and responses

8:45: 2 quick phone calls; leave messages; start to pray for meeting

9:30: Done praying; start toilet soaks and Kaboom on faucets and sinks

9:45: Sort through fall clothes; purge spring clothes and make bag for blessing others

10:00: Someone at door; stop what I"m doing with the clothes and answer door. Conversation for 20 minutes or so; do my business with her and she leaves. My marching orders: find two more people

10:30: remember that the toilets are still soaking and faucets need to be rinsed. Get the faucets done before the next interruption: two more incoming phone calls

11:00: Call Kimberlee about card swap and Saturday's gathering

11:15: Start laundry load: jeans; pack away winter clothes that were brought to basement

11:20: Phone calls begin to pour in (no kidding six calls in 10 minutes)

11:30: Paul comes home to sign something. I hang up from call number 3 and we touch base about the evening. We realize if we don't spend Wednesday together it will be Monday of next week before we have any real time together.

12:00: IN theory, my online crop starts (well, it did for everyone else anyway) Phone still ringing. I scrapbook for about 30 minutes. Get 4 pages done (page kits are fabuloso!!)

12:20: Catch Melissa online and chat with her for 10 minutes before the door bell rings

12:30: Lynda stops by for a brief chat and picks up something I have for her

1:00: Realize I never DID do the toilets and go to finish them. See the half sorted clothes and finish them up

1:15: Start second load of laundry: sheets. Christine calls and leaves a message somewhere in here! Eat lunch on the run.

1:45: Check laundry and realize that our water problem is back..the darn drain doesn't always work quickly enough for 2 things at once (Joseph's shower and my laundry!!)

1:50: Text Paul to let him know...made his day!!

2:00: Get back to my computer for multiple updates from Paul's family regarding his dad coming home today. Respond to the ones I need to. Ask Melissa when she was here when we were roto-rooting (correct answer: Christmas time because we were stuck making the cookies while Paul was stuck rooting the pipes)

2:30: Gal comes to pick up papers that needed to be signed. Ten minute conversation at door

2:40: Hang out laundry

2:50: Joseph reminds me that I have to pick his friend up in 15 minutes. Quick yogurt with granola

3:00: Leave to pick up Joseph's friend. Call Lynda on cell phone until I realize I don't know where I"m going and tell her I have to go.

3:45: Back home; take laundry off line

4:00: toss jeans in drier, fold what is in there first; contemplate starting another load to see what will happen. Decide I don't want to get my aerobic workout by mopping water and go upstairs.

4:15: Joseph's friend comes over; brief call to Kimberlee about retiring stamps. Realize I need to call my mom

4:25: Melissa calls on the way home from work and we chat about life, floods and Meesh's graduation.

5:00: Paul calls to say he's going to work late. I have an hour to do what I need to do.

5:15: Call Val and check Joseph's math (he got a 90% if anyone cares)

5:30: Start dinner: marinade the shrimp, slice the mushrooms, etc. Wipe off counters and make mental note to sweep

5:45: Les calls to say Lynda's driving the car and the brakes are going out. I tell him to have her come here since she was on her way to church. Call Paul and tell him (I find out later that he retrieves the voicemail at 1030)

6:00: Lynda and Hannah get here with the car; Paul comes in about 5 minutes later and says it's brake line rusted through. It will be a 3 hour repair.

6:30: We eat dinner, Paul goes out and finishes the car. I clean up dinner and print out retired stamp list to see what I NEED to buy!! LOL

7:00: My mind is now shot for the day...but there's at least 3 hours left. I figure out what papers I need to order and find out from Kimberlee that we are supposed to have these cards done and mailed today. Too bad the swap co-ordinator didn't tell me that. Mine are clearly not going to be done!!

7:30: I call Janine to confirm our 9:00 declutter session for tomorrow; get my labeller and put it by back door so I don't forget it. Remember to put the tag book by back door too, so I can get albums in fave colors tomorrow.

7:45: Pull out dead flowers, water plant, think 'I should exercise...nah.'

8:30: Jake's dad comes to pick him up. Another 15 minutes or so of small talk.

9:00: Paul's still out in the garage

10:00: I realize I haven't done any of my small group or bible study stuff for the week. Crap.

10:00: Paul is done with Lynda and Les's car...calls them to come get it after cleaning up.

11:00: We sit down to discuss the next few days...decide we'll ditch Wed. night class and spend it together...and that we'll go into the Bolingbrook Promenade on Sunday.

So when you wonder why I don't call you back right away, or it's a couple of days till I return your email, I probably had a day like this!! This day, or something similar, happens at least once a week!!

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Melissa said...

just want to say that even on your busiest days I am happy to have made an appearance in your life TWICE :-)