Friday, May 18, 2007

cluck cluck

Being the chicken that I am, I procrastinated my dentist appointment. Sigh. I was chewing gum on Sunday and heard a crunch. In my experience, gum should not crunch. Given that I hadn't eaten anything crunchy, I didn't have a good feeling about what I might find. And what I DID find was a piece of my filling in my gum. Good thing the gum was white...makes a white filling oh so easy to find!!
Anyway, the dentist I'm trying (thanks Lana!!) was out of town and now I'm going a week from Tuesday. I hope my tooth holds out that long. I hope it doesn't hurt too much between now and then. I hope that the dentist knocks me out so I feel nothing. Ugh. Hate dentists. At least I'm not alone. Small consolation when it's MY ANXIETY attack!! LOL
Anyway, my coming week looks like this:
Friday (today): online crop, Mary Kay party, have to upload card and instructions, pay bills
Saturday: card workshop, lunch with my brother, home to crop for a few hours, birthday party, prayer meeting
Sunday: Service, class, pack, bbq for small group and member meeting at church that will probably go long. May have a debrief afterwards
Monday: 7am, leave for Spartanburg. Drive until butt disconnects from body, debate music tastes, land tired at about 10-11.
Tuesday: WOOHOOO!!! Get Melissa from airport.Do the usual happy dance at the bottom of the stairs after countless texts flying back and forth: I'm here, off the plan, where are you, I"m walking, we're at luggage, etc. etc. I use half my texts at the airport waiting for the girlies when they land!! Meesh graduates at 8PM
Wed-Thurs: nothing but glorious yapping it up with the girlies and nasty southern fast food. Yummo!! Hopefully there will be no meltdowns or blow ups!! Get Joseph some clothes that fit from the one store that stocks his anorexic tallboy clothes
Friday: Prepare for Meesh's party. Party. Kiss kiss, smooch smooch good bye. Head to Huntersville with any luck to see Dori for a bit.
Saturday: leave for home. Sigh. Another butt numbing experience
Sunday: Go to service to experience first hand the fall out of the meeting last week.
Monday: laundry for Joseph so he can leave for FL on Tuesday for two weeks!!

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Coffee_Cassie said...

Wow.. you're one busy chicken. LOL! could you send me meesh's addy so I can send her a card? I'm going to try and make it to church on Sun to see you guys before you leave for SC.