Sunday, May 20, 2007

heading out soon...

and I have to say:
I am anxious. Family dynamics aren't at our best right now.
I am sad. This is our first family vaca without Cassie. I miss her daily.
I am excited. I haven't seen M&M for almost a year. (Well, Meesh, but it's different when we are all together)
I'm conflicted. Too chopped up a trip and too many roles competing for a wee bit of time.
I am happy. I have an MP3 player on my phone and we can all listen to our own music. The plugged in more listening to Joseph's music, brewing a headache for an hour. No more Meatloaf till I could regurgitate. On the other's Kelly, Nick and Faith till THEY would regurg...but they won't hear it either!!
Oh for the dominoes, the golf games, Quaxby's, sweet tea at Chik Fil A, cheese grits at WaHo. butt is going numb at the thought of spending all the time in the car!! LOL
I'm anticipating the beauty that is America. Nothing better than a road trip to see it. Waterfalls on both sides of us, trees growing from cracks in mountains. Mountains that invite me to whisper in awe. Sunrise in a forest. Being able to breathe. Winding roads, tree lined and dripping with trees bowing in the wind. Simply beautiful. God inspired, amazing nature. Far more beautiful than we could ever bring to be. A reminder...we are not alone in this life. We simply need to look around to be reminded.
So I am, finally, on the eve of our trip: glad the laundry is done, the snacks are made and the piles of clothes are together, the lists are complete; I am content...surrounded by reminders of all I have been blessed with...and I know that whatever happens, I am called to filter it all through "I am a Christian woman"...and I believe I can do that, with God's blessing.

Top 5:
My beautiful purple flowers
Today's sunshine and warmth on my face
barefoot walking
Being able to crop, even a wee little bit this weekend. It make me happy to do the silly pix of Joseph, and my Bears, and Paul with the kids. I'll have to upload them when I get back.


Michelle said...

I am SOO glad that you guys came!!! I think we had a pretty good trip, did we ever get quaxby's in though?? And we didn't get ALL the card games in either ya know. Always next time. I am missing you guys so much, I am just by myself everyday now. :( I am really looking forward to JULY though! I LOVE YOU!

Coffee_Cassie said...

Time to update!